The organizers ran McCartney from the scene

The organizers ran McCartney from the sceneThe legends of rock music Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen not given to conclude the message by disabling them sound festival Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park London. The concert organizers felt their performance was too long and literally chased the stars from the stage.American rock musician Bruce Springsteen was headlining the second day of the festival, Hard Rock Calling, the BBC reports. Rocker, who with his group the E Street Band, he sang such hits as "Born In The USA" and "Because The Night".During his speech, Springsteen has agreed to play a little known song "Take `Em As They Come". A poster with this name fan was holding. "My friend, today's your lucky evening. You will hear the damn song," said the musician.He explained that he wrote this "completely unknown" song for the album 1980-the year The River when he "needed a rock song." Later went up to the stage and ex-the Beatles musician Paul McCartney.He joined Springsteen at the very end of the show to sing two hits Beatles - "Twist and shout" and "I saw her standing there". Читать полностью -->

Katy Perry has submitted an excerpt from a new video (photo, video)

Katy Perry has submitted an excerpt from a new video (photo, video)Soon Katy Perry will delight its fans with a long awaited new video for the song "Wide Awake". Videos singer always different bright colors, dynamics and unusual stories and this time, Perry's has stayed true to yourself.The heroes of the new clip will be famous Prince coming from the cartoon "Shrek", a little girl, curious cat, and poisoned strawberries.Source: Katy Perry presented an excerpt from the new video (photo, video). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sofia Rotaru has escaped from the fans in Italy

Sofia Rotaru has escaped from the fans in ItalyPopular singer Sofia Rotaru celebrates anniversary. Popularly favorite singer was 65 years old. However, she preferred to hide from celebrations in Italy.on 7 August, a famous Russian singer Sofia Rotaru is celebrating 65 years. Many fans were already prepared to see a festive concert of Sofia Mikhailovna, the news that actress from all celebrations disappeared in Italy. It was there, in Tuscany, rotary will celebrate its 65th anniversary in the narrow family circle."Note family. We are here on vacation. Читать полностью -->

In the family of Dmitry Pevtsov there was another misfortune

In the family of Dmitry Pevtsov there was another misfortuneIn the life of Dmitry Pevtsov true black stripe. He lost his eldest son Daniel, who fell from a third floor balcony and died in intensive care. Now it became known that grief is what happened with the father of the actor.It became known that in the family of Dmitry Pevtsov there was another misfortune. It turned out that his father - Anatoly Ivanovich - 82 year of his life, struck down by a stroke. About this my mother told actor Noemi Robert.Health Anatoly Ivanovich began to deteriorate last couple of years. Already last year he didn't get out of bed, and with people communicated only by phone. Читать полностью -->

Cameron Diaz relaxed at a party in London

Cameron Diaz relaxed at a party in London Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz has decided to relax at a party in London. 39-year-old movie star appeared at the premiere of the new film "What to expect when you're expecting" in London, after which he went with his colleagues to a nightclub Whiskey Mist.The sexy star looked flawless in a stylish white suit, accentuating her slender figure, but at the exit from the London club looked less than elegant. With wet hair and "drunk" in the eyes of Cameron tried to hide from prying paparazzi.According to eyewitnesses, the actress was a mess - to get to the car she helped her friends. Source: Cameron Diaz relaxed at a party in London . . . Читать полностью -->

Best available cover with naked celebrities

Best available cover with naked celebrities For anybody not a secret that covers with naked celebrity publications provide the highest selling. Well, for the stars themselves better PR can imagine, because people always was, is and probably will be wondering how their Pets look without clothing.Recently, the famous American celebrity-blog Celebuzz presented to the court their readers top 15 best, according to the editorial, covers, on which the famous girls (and one man - Sacha Baron Cohen in Bruno) flaunt in a negligee. Of course, no pornography, exclusively decent, but very sexy pictures. Admittedly, the selection was very good. Our favorite Jennifer aniston for GQ, and who, in your opinion, most effectively stripped?! Source: best available cover with naked celebrities . . Читать полностью -->

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