Venice film festival opens with `Treason` Serebrennikov

Venice film festival opens with `Treason` SerebrennikovIn Venice on Wednesday starts the famous international film festival. In the program more than three thousand paintings. Russia in the competition will present Kirill Serebryannikov with the film "Betrayal".In other programs will show the films of Alexei Balabanov and documentary Lyubov Arkus. This year the festival has a new Director and new guidelines - at the Arthouse.Venerable Venetian lions this year 80 years old, the audience waited for the stars and celebration. And in the poster is not a single Hollywood movie, denied even Tarantino and "Anna Karenina" with keira Knightley. In General, anything trendy and secular - only good movie copyright. Читать полностью -->

In the UK have discovered the world's first color film

In the UK have discovered the world's first color film An amazing discovery, which became a real breakthrough in the history of cinema, managed to make a British scientist from the National Museum of media and technology in Bradford. In the archives of the Museum they found the world's first color video recording, writes the BBC.Previously the oldest color film, the creation of which is applied a process called Kinemacolour, dated 1909, however, it appeared that the process of shooting color film was invented and patented ten years earlier, in 1899, the photographer Edward Raymond Turner. His short "sketches from the life of England of the early XX century, captured in 1902, gathering dust on the shelves of the Museum and have only been discovered by historians.The novelty of the technology Turner was the fact that each color was filmed through a special filter (red, green, and blue), respectively, each scene is shot three films , which when combined gave a color image, said "Computerra".Unfortunately, the projection system was never brought to mind, Turner died in 1902, even before seeing the footage. However, modern computer technology has helped to recover a captured British personnel and bring them into the movement, proving that the method of Turner's works.However, as noted by Michael Harvey, one of the curators of the Museum, which was involved in the restoration of the film, the process of "revival" color picture was quite difficult: the movie was in black and white, so I had no time to pore over every frame to figure out through what filter he was absent-minded, and to recreate the colour. Only after this laborious work, and photographing each frame using an optical printer, he converted the film in 35-millimeter format.Today is the first color film in which the children of the inventor play with sunflowers, in all its splendor can be viewed in the library of the Museum in Bradford.Source: UK have discovered the world's first color film . . Читать полностью -->

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