Her family moved to Mexico

Her family moved to MexicoPopular TV presenter, former member of the infamous reality show "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva has published in his blog intimate pictures and told that the family moved to Mexico.Recall that Alain Vodonaeva has replaced the famous singer Zhanna Friske on the post host of TV show "Vacation in Mexico". Now Alain, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary at a luxurious Villa, pleases many fans of the new hot shots from hot Mexico. So, for example, recently Vodonaeva has published in his microblog photo own tanned legs in short denim shorts with belt in the form of cherries.In addition, Alan has demonstrated a flat stomach than very pleased the fans. However, some evil tongues said that a picture of your idea is very similar to a photo of a famous German model Heidi Klum, which at the beginning of the month in his microblog posted a similar picture showing her legs and belly.However, in one picture of Her didn't stop there. TV presenter allegedly "caught" when she turned away from the camera. On the photo Alena demonstrates luxury slim back in a white t-shirt and a tattoo. Читать полностью -->

Hollywood Director Tony Scott committed suicide

Hollywood Director Tony Scott committed suicideOn Sunday killed a famous American Director and producer Tony Scott. 68-year-old man committed suicide by jumping from a suspension bridge Vincent Thomas near Los Angeles.As told by eyewitnesses of incident, Scott jumped into the river without hesitation. His body four hours later found the coast guard.In Scott's car was found a suicide note, but what's in it and to whom it is addressed is unknown.Tony Scott has a younger brother of world famous film Director Ridley Scott.***Director Tony Scott was born 21 June 1944. In the movie he debuted at the age of 16 years: starred in the short film for his brother Ridley.In his youth, Tony dreamed of becoming an artist, he graduated from the Royal College of art. But Ridley, who had always a great influence, drew him into the path of the movie. Both, however, began to shoot commercials. Читать полностью -->

Lada Dens presented fans with his new look

Lada Dens presented fans with his new look Lada Dens decided that now is the time for a change of style and image, and stood before the clear eyes of their fans in a new way.Apparently tired of the pop-style singer turned into a real rocker, putting on the prize RU.TV daring black leather dress, which added boots with rivets and jewelry with spikes. Also, apparently following the fashion trends of the past few months, the singer shaved his right temple. Turned out to be quite unusual, especially considering the fact that Lada has long been over 40.It is not clear how the new image will affect the creativity of the Frets, but it's safe to say that the courage of the singer will not be denied. Source: Lada Dens presented fans with his new look . . . Читать полностью -->

Beyonce refused the lead role in the musical, Clint Eastwood

Beyonce refused the lead role in the musical, Clint EastwoodBeyonce Knowles has long confirmed its participation in the remake of the classic musical "a Star is born", which is going to make Clint Eastwood.Today, however, she announced that out of the project. According to sources close to the popular singer, she was tired of the uncertainty: Eastwood could not pick up her partner and to approve the start date of filming, and it prevented her deal with his tour schedule. Earlier work on the film was suspended in connection with the pregnancy of Beyonce.If you believe domestic sources referenced in Variety, Beyonce, perhaps replacing jazz singer Esperanza Spalding. But for a start you should approve the leading male role, in which are mentioned the names of Leonardo DiCaprio, johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Tom cruise.The story about losing the popularity of the artist and his young lover, which is moving rapidly to fame, has been done in Hollywood. The first movie called "a Star is born" was released in 1937. It was followed by a remake of 1954 with Judy garland and James Mason. Читать полностью -->

The artist received the prize for a portrait of a naked `Aunt`

The artist received the prize for a portrait of a naked `Aunt`In 2012, BP art award, which is awarded annually for the best portrait, got Eli Chapin (Aleah Chapin), depicting a naked friend of the family. According to BBC News, the artist will receive a cash prize in the amount of 25 thousand pounds sterling.In the portrait, which the author calls "Auntie", depicts an elderly woman almost in full growth. According to the Huffington Post, this work is part of a series of works Chapin, showing naked women, which the artist knows all of his life. Picture of "Aunt" painted in oil.The jury has seen over two thousand portraits from 74 countries before choosing the four finalists, one of which received the first prize (awarded second, and third prize for young authors).BP Portrait Award is a joint project of BP and the National portrait gallery, which each year hosts an exhibition of portraits. It is presented as the work of the winner and finalists. This year, starting on 21 June at the National portrait gallery will be exhibited 55 portraits. Читать полностью -->

Drew Barrymore for the third time married

Drew Barrymore for the third time marriedAmerican actress and producer drew Barrymore was married to 34-year-old art consultant will Kopelman. For 37-year-old Barrymore this is the third marriage.Chosen by Hollywood stars was the son of the former head of the U.S. Department of the fashion house Chanel. Young got married in the manor Barrymore in Montecito in California. At the ceremony were invited 200 people. Among them were relatives of the newlyweds, their friends, including celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz. Читать полностью -->

Boxer johnny Tapia was found dead in his home

Boxer johnny Tapia was found dead in his homeKnown boxer johnny Tapia was found dead at his home in Albuquerque (new Mexico, USA), reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the American TV station KOB-TV Channel 4.Tapia was 45 years old. He was born in new Mexico in 1967. The American boxer is a five-time world champion in three weight categories.Tapia had numerous problems with the law and drugs throughout his career. About the reasons of his death was not reported."He often came close to death, it's now hard to believe that it's finally happened," said an old friend of Dennis Tapia lugoff, adding that the family boxer "crazed".Last fight boxer held in June 2011 against the Colombian Mauricio Pastrana, having won the decision on points.For nineteen-year career in professional Boxing Tapia spent 66 battles in which he scored 59 victories, suffered 5 defeats and 2 battle ended in a draw. Source: boxer johnny Tapia was found dead in his home. . Читать полностью -->

Published photos of the wedding drew Barrymore

Published photos of the wedding drew Barrymore Last weekend was the wedding drew Barrymore and will Kopelman. The paparazzi managed to pry luxury bride groom and serious!Source: Published photos of the wedding drew Barrymore . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Test tube Reagan auctioned

Test tube Reagan auctionedThe tube is used for blood analysis of U.S. President Ronald Reagan after the assassination attempt of 1981, exhibited at the British auction PFC Auctions. Lot posted on the auction website.In the description of the lot it is argued that in vitro preserved dried blood of the President. At present this subject is offered 6,27 lbs.Along with a vial on sale is also the official form used to record the tests.People put these things up for auction (his name is not called), indicated that his mother worked in the lab, and asked to do a blood test Reagan after the assassination attempt. Director of the laboratory after the testing was done, allowed the mother of the current owner to pick up these items. According to the person that posted these items for sale, neither the FBI nor the US Secret service or other agencies showed no interest in them.On the auction house PFC Auctions also exhibited things relating to the other celebrities.The attempt on Reagan occurred on March 30, 1981 at the Hilton in Washington. Читать полностью -->

Adele has recorded the soundtrack to the film `James bond`

Adele has recorded the soundtrack to the film `James bond`British singer Adele recorded the song "Skyfall", which will become the main topic for the new film about James bond.The information that Adele will be working on the soundtrack for the new tape about the agent 007, appeared in the press in the fall of 2011. Later this information was refuted by Barbara Broccoli, one of the producers of the film. In November 2011, she stated that the musician who wrote the title theme for the film, not yet selected.The Director of the film "007 coordinates "somewhere over the rainbow" is Sam Mendes ("American Beauty", "road to perdition", "Road of changes"). As in the previous two scenes ("Casino Royale" and "quantum of Solace"), bond takes the Daniel Craig. In addition, in the new film are Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench and Berenice Marlowe.Tape output Mendes is scheduled for the end of October 2012. Source: Adele has recorded the soundtrack to the film "James bond"". Читать полностью -->

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