Tom cruise for the first time after the divorce, met with his daughter

Tom cruise for the first time after the divorce, met with his daughter Famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise for the first time since the beginning of the divorce process with actress Katie Holmes visited their joint daughter Suri in new York. The paparazzi were able to remove 50-year-old Hollywood star, when Cruz along with 6-year-old daughter came out of the hotel and got in the car.Katie Holmes filed for divorce in June - this time her husband starred in the latest movie in Iceland. When Tom returned to the United States, the couple settled all legal issues, including custody of the girl. That is why the famous dad was able to meet the baby.Source: Tom cruise for the first time after the divorce, met with his daughter . . . Читать полностью -->

The media continue to publish `naked` photos of Kate Middleton

The media continue to publish `naked` photos of Kate Middleton French judges, versed in the details of the process "Kate Middleton against the magazine Closer", decided under threat of a fine of 10 thousand euros to ban the tabloid continue to publish intimate photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.Meanwhile, naughty pictures were in Scandinavian media, reports the Daily Mail.Kate Middleton has won the trial of belonging to Berlusconi by a French magazine which published Topless photographs. Contrary to the opinion of the photographer edition Valerie Suo, who claimed that the Royal couple was vacationing in a public place, and therefore its shooting from behind the bushes was lawful, the judge ruled that the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband "had a rest on the terrace of a private house located a few hundred meters from the road". Therefore, the publication of intimate photographs of the Royal couple can be considered an invasion of privacy.For this the owner of the newspaper was sentenced to a fine in the amount of 2 000 euros. He was forbidden not only to reprint the controversial photo, but also to sell them to other publications. Also in the office of the magazine Closer were searched: apparently, the police was trying to find out does the editor of a tabloid some sensation in my safe.However, it seems that all of the force exerted Kate Middleton to protect your photos from the spread, were spent in vain: the baton with the publication of the images picked up Scandinavian edition. September 19 images of the Duchess sunbathing Topless, appeared in the Swedish tabloid edition Se och Hoer ("look").According to the editor of the tabloid Karina Lofkvist, she could not refrain from posting pictures because they turned out to be much better quality photos that have hit the pages of the magazine.Also the intention to publish the pictures said the representatives of the Danish branch of the magazine Se och Hoer - Se og Hoer. Читать полностью -->

Gwen Stefani told about the relationship with her husband

Gwen Stefani told about the relationship with her husband Famous singer and designer Gwen Stefani said in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.In addition to a stylish photo shoot, in which 42-year-old star shows impeccable style and sexy slender figure, in the October issue of the glossy magazine will appear candid interview - in it Gwen tells readers about a failure to get pregnant and admits that the dream of becoming a mother for the third time and will not be carried out."I very much wanted to have another child, and two years ago we began to actively work on this," says the singer, " But nothing came of it... I'm extremely grateful that I have two beautiful sons. So, this for me should be enough. In this life everything happens as it should happen. You can not build any plans. You can try, but not to plan... Читать полностью -->

In Kyrgyzstan killed the champion of Russia on mountaineering

In Kyrgyzstan killed the champion of Russia on mountaineeringIn Kyrgyzstan crashed Krasnoyarsk athlete, champion of Russia on mountaineering Alexey Nizkorodov. About it reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the Ministry of sports of Krasnoyarsk region.According to the Agency, Nizkorodov together with the regional national team was at the training camp in Batken region of Kyrgyzstan."Alexander performed the ascent and successfully finished. The tragedy occurred during the descent. From the received traumas the climber has died on the spot," the coach said Nikolai Zakharov.A few days ago another Russian athlete - Eldar Valiullin - suffered during the descent from one of the peaks of the Issyk-Kul region. As reported, he fell and broke his leg. Injured in a helicopter evacuated the staff of the Ministry of emergency situations of Kyrgyzstan. Читать полностью -->

On the Russian screens there is `Brave`

On the Russian screens there is `Brave` On the Russian screens out cartoon famous animation Studio Pixar called "Brave". The film takes place in Scotland, where together with actress Lisa Arzamasova, who voiced the main character, went film crew of "the film industry".Source: Russian the screen comes "a Brave heart" . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Nobel prize in medicine was awarded for induced stem cells

The Nobel prize in medicine was awarded for induced stem cellsIn Stockholm announced the winners of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. This year the award was given to John Gardon (Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka (Shinya Yamanaka) for "opening the possibility of reprogramming adult cells into pluripotent".In other words, for obtaining induced pluripotent stem cells. The award ceremony is scheduled for 10 December 2012.Sir John Gardon - British biologist known for his work on transplantation of cell nuclei. He was born in 1933, and in 1960 graduated from the University of Oxford. A PhD scientist received at the California Institute of technology. Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron won the crowd with a luxury figure

Charlize Theron won the crowd with a luxury figure Hollywood actress Charlize Theron won the crowd with a luxury figure at the premiere of the new film "Prometheus".36-year-old star appeared at the film's premiere in London in a chic Navy dress and high heels from Dior. His evening toilet actress complemented the bracelet from the new collection Bulgari.Recall that in a recent interview, Charlize admitted that he never went under the knife of plastic surgeons. In addition, the actress said that in the near future no plans to do any plastic surgeries:"I have a negative attitude to plastic surgery and can't even imagine what must be motivated by women who go under the surgeons knife to change the appearance," says the star, " But I want to add that I'm only 36 years old, maybe 60 years old I love the look, the beauty of plastic surgery! Of course, now I notice the wrinkles on the face, because time does not stand still and we all will not last forever... But I am not worried about these changes in appearance, because there are more meaningful things in life." Source: Charlize Theron won the crowd with a luxury figure . . . Читать полностью -->

In London successfully hosted an evening in memory of Maris Liepa

In London successfully hosted an evening in memory of Maris LiepaThe London audience warmly received the Russian ballet held on Sunday the ceremony dedicated to the memory of the famous Soviet ballet dancer Maris Liepa (1936-1989), ITAR-TASS reported.As noted in an address to the audience his son Andris Liepa, the performance on the stage of the London Coliseum theatre (Coliseum) is dedicated to the 76th anniversary of the birth of legendary soloist of the Bolshoi theatre.Before the beginning of the ballet program on the screen showed a rare documentary footage of performances Maris Liepa. Basis of presentation amounted to excerpts from famous plays, such as Le Corsaire, the Nutcracker, Swan lake, the Queen of spades", "don Quixote" and "Cinderella".On the stage of the Coliseum appeared before spectators leading dancers of the Bolshoi theatre - Ilze Liepa, Denis Rodkin, Dmitry Gudanov, Mikhail Lobukhin and soloist of the Mariinsky theatre - Andrei Batalov. Various choreographic images embodied in his speeches, people's artist of Russia Farukh Ruzimatov, soloist of the Moscow academic musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Maria Semeniachanko, dancer troupe Vienna ballet Liudmila Konovalova and the soloist of theatre "Ballet "Moscow" Sayaka, Takoda.The highlight of the evening began and several modern productions. Among them is a program called "Meeting" (Meeting) submitted by daughter Marisa Ilze Liepa with music by Michel Legrand and Igor Krutoy. Members of the Boston ballet company Whitney Jensen and Paulo Arrais also made interesting and technical program, whose name translates as "incomplete" (Work in progress).According to Andris Liepa, who became artistic Director of the performance, he and his sister remember about the dreams of his father and in recent years continue to work on the restoration of the famous Diaghilev ballets in the framework of the project "Russian seasons of the XXI century". Last year, the London public was really excited about the festival at the Coliseum theatre, held in the framework of this project.For residents and guests of the London evening in honor of Maris Liepa was a rare opportunity to see the stars of the ballet Russia's leading theatres, noted British organizers of the event. Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie pregnant

Angelina Jolie pregnantA source close to the star couple, says the actress in the third month of pregnancy.While no one knows how rumors are true, but in Hollywood pretty sure Angie is pregnant again. Anyway, so I assure all wheel drive American tabloids citing a source close to the family Jolie-Pitta. According to the information received, now the actress is three months pregnant and she is having a very strong toxicosis. In addition, Jolie is rapidly gaining weight. Although the husband of the actress, Brad pitt a few weeks ago claimed that the cause of weight gain his favorite - a special anti diet, which he developed for his wife, so she gained a bit of weight before their wedding.By the way, Brad became the unwitting cause, to strengthen the wave of rumors about a possible pregnancy Jolie. The fact that just a few days ago, the actor let slip in one of the popular American talk show that, despite the fact that he proposed to angelina, they hold a celebration in no hurry. Читать полностью -->

The stars, who can afford a haircut `Bob`

The stars, who can afford a haircut `Bob` A haircut can afford not everyone, depending on the type of person. However, when I want, why not do it? Now, with time, and there are different variations of this hairstyle, which with pleasure, at various times, tried on a huge number of stars.Someone better, someone worse, however, it should be noted that "Bob" is noticeably refreshes and makes a few years younger.That's just Emma Watson and Shakira is hardly relevant - these beauties this hairstyle is markedly increased years. In the case of Emma we vote for a short haircut, Shakira suggest that you do not change the long curls. Source: the Star, who can afford a haircut "Bob" . . . Читать полностью -->

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