Keira Knightley decided to leave Russia

Keira Knightley decided to leave RussiaColor modern Russian cinema gradually moved to the West, in the United States. The first of his intention to leave said wonderful actor Alexey Serebryakov, who settled in Canada. Behind him in the USA departed cult film Director Timur Bekmambetov. Now Hollywood has decided to conquer and Konstantin Khabensky.Though the actor himself so far no comments on the matter were not given, however in the Russian press already hard news has been floating about when and for how long did Constantine leave home. As you know, in Los Angeles, mother-in-law lives Khabensky and his young son Ivan, who can't live with the actor because of his extraordinary employment. Constantine practically spends all his time in a permanent move. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney decided to become a family man

George Clooney decided to become a family manOver the weekend actor George Clooney gave his longtime sweetheart Stacy Kibler luxurious ring decorated with a huge diamond.While not really clear if it's just a ring or a ring with a proposal of marriage, but the fact remains - the gift now adorns the ring finger of my right hand Stacy.In addition, it appeared that George has started construction of a private house. The actor decided not to buy a new home and build it on his own project, so a new home was equipped with everything necessary. Who knows, maybe Clooney has finally decided to say goodbye to its status as an inveterate bachelor and become a family man.What can I say? Come on, George, don't lose it! The bride, a miracle as well! Source: George Clooney decided to become a family man. . . . Читать полностью -->

`Ice age 4` took the lead in the international rental

`Ice age 4` took the lead in the international rentalAnimated film "Ice age 4: continental drift" took the lead not only in the U.S. but also in international distribution.Just one week after the start of world DreamWorks exceeded $ 385 million. In Russia, the project earned the first weekend of 16.4 million dollars, thus setting a new record in 2012 in the training camp for premiere weekend.It is obvious that "Continental drift" will not be able to repeat the achievement of the third series, earned outside of North America, more than 690 million dollars, and in General - 886 million, however, such a successful start gives hope for further development of the franchise. Source: "Ice age 4" took the lead in the international rental. . . Читать полностью -->

Gazmanov invited McCartney to take Pussy Riot to yourself

Gazmanov invited McCartney to take Pussy Riot to yourselfSir Paul McCartney wrote a letter in support of the arrested girls from Pussy Riot. "Dear Nadya, Katya and Masha. I write to support you in this difficult time. I want you to know that I very much hope that the Russian authorities support the principle of freedom of expression for all citizens of the country.In civilized countries, people Express their opinions freely, and I believe it's the best way for all States. I, like many others, believes in freedom of expression by the artist, support you", - quotes the text of the appeal his Facebook Russian producer Alexander Cheparukhin.This singer Oleg Gazmanov wrote in his Twitter: "it's a Pity, a great musician is not always a great mind. What is the pressure on Russia from Western star and governments! Double standards in action. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous American artist Leroy Niman

Died a famous American artist Leroy NimanOne of the most famous American artists Leroy Niemann, world-famous for its vivid and expressive sketches of sporting events, died Wednesday in new York at the age of 91, reports ITAR-TASS.Niman has earned universal recognition primarily as the author of colorful sketches of stars of sport and music, including Muhammad Ali and Frank Sinatra. He was the official artist of five Olympic games, starting in 1972 in Munich and ending in 1984 in Los Angeles. In addition, for many years the artist has collaborated with Playboy magazine.In 1972, during the match for the world chess crown between the Soviet grandmaster Boris Spassky and American Bobby Fischer in Reykjavik Niemann live did sketches for the viewers.In 1977 the artist created the painting "view of the red square". Also known for his series of works depicting Moscow's Bolshoi theatre. In 1988, he held an exhibition of works by American in the State Tretyakov gallery, organized by the Ministry of culture of the USSR.The work of Niemann are expositions of many museums, including the Hermitage Museum in Petersburg, as well as private collections. He is recognized as one of the most commercially successful American artists.In addition, he is the author of 15 books, the latest of which was released on June 8, shortly before his 91st birthday. Читать полностью -->

`New wave` began without Raimonds Pauls

`New wave` began without Raimonds PaulsEve opened the international competition of young singers of popular music "New wave - 2012. However, on the day of the press conference was co-chair, composer Raimonds Pauls. It turned out, the Maestro was admitted to the hospital.The reason for the lack of a 76-year-old composer Raimonds Pauls was unwell, because of which the Maestro was even hospitalized. At the press conference was made by the colleague of the elderly Maestro composer Igor Krutoy. He said Raimonds Pauls promised "to recover as soon as possible, to catch the opening of the "New wave", reports "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Later really came to the Grand opening ceremony of Raimonds Pauls himself told reporters that with him "all right already". "Well, the hospital is planned, the age of, you know, it's time to think about themselves", he says the 76-year-old Latvian Maestro RIA Novosti.Recall that in Jurmala in the 11th international competition of young singers of popular music "New wave - 2012. Читать полностью -->

Dead hockey player Vladimir Krutov

Dead hockey player Vladimir KrutovAt the 53rd year of life died two-time Olympic champion in the national team of the USSR on hockey Vladimir Krutov. This was reported in the official Twitter of the Russian hockey Federation.on 3 June he was hospitalized in resuscitation unit of the 20-th city hospital with internal bleeding.Krutov played in the famous five with Igor Larionov, Sergei Makarov, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Alexei Kasatonov. In the national team CCCC Krutov won gold medals at the Olympics 1984 in Sarajevo and the Games in 1988 in calgary. Source: Dead hockey player Vladimir Krutov. . . Читать полностью -->

Eminem named best star dad

Eminem named best star dadSkandalnosti rapper Eminem was named the best star dad.Hip-hop singer topped the rating aggregator StarCount, which measures the popularity of people, companies and institutions in the networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In the new ranking, compiled in celebration of father's Day in America on June 17, the rapper managed to bypass even the most Barack Obama.Recall that the controversial rap artist often mentions in his songs beloved daughter Haley. Eminem also adopted the daughter of his ex-wife Kim Scott, a girl named Whitney and her niece to aleinu. Source: Eminem named best star dad. . . Читать полностью -->

Michelle Pfeiffer was offered the role in the new film by Luc Besson

Michelle Pfeiffer was offered the role in the new film by Luc BessonMichelle Pfeiffer was offered the role in the new film by Luc Besson "Malavita", according to the website Collider.Besson is working on the film as Director, co-writer and producer. The genre of the film is positioned as a "crime Comedy". It will be headed by an American gangster the family is forced to relocate to France under the witness protection programme. The main character of the film, played by Robert de Niro.De Niro and Pfeiffer previously worked together. Both actors have been busy in the films "the`Old` New year" Gary Marshall (2011) and "Stardust" Matthew Vaughn (2007).Latest movie Besson is a biographical film "the Lady", the main character that is the leader of the democratic opposition Aung San Suu Kyi. Viewers the film was presented in 2011. Читать полностью -->

Announced the shortlist for the `Russian Booker prize`

Announced the shortlist for the `Russian Booker prize`The organizers of the literary prize "Russian Booker" announced the shortlist, which included six works. The names of the finalists and the titles of works are given on the official website of the award.In the short-list was a novel by Alexander Terekhov "the Germans", in June received the award "national bestseller - 2012", and the novel's Stanovoi "the Women of Lazarus, who was also on the short list of "Azbest" and claim the prize "Big book".Among the finalists was Marina Akhmedova with the book "the Diary of a bomber. Khadija", Andrey Dmitriev Roman Peasant and the teenager" and Evgeny Popov with an Internet novel "Arbeit, or Broad cloth". In addition, for the prize is claimed by the writer Olga Slavnikova Roman "Light head", which has already received the "Russian Booker" in 2006 for the work "2017".The jury prize in 2012, headed by critic Samuel Lurie, who said that all the books through to the final are very different, but all they talk about vulnerable and lonely people in a sad and dangerous world. In addition to Lurie the panel includes writer and Director Pavel Sanaev, novelist and critic Roman Senchin, General Director of Fund "Pushkin library" Maria I. and writer Vladimir Salimon.The finalists were chosen from a long list, consisting of 24 works, including novels were Dmitry Bykov and Zakhar Prilepin. Читать полностью -->

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