Chet Bakhamov appeared in glossy magazines

Chet Bakhamov appeared in glossy magazines Chet Bakhamov is perhaps the most popular celebrity couple for glossy magazines, because the appearance on the cover of one of them is a guarantee that the magazine will sell out overnight. Today we offer you to evaluate two photo sessions of famous spouses - David for British Elle and Victoria for German Interview.The emergence of David Beckham on the cover of Elle was a real surprise for fans of the magazine. And not just because looking at him is a pleasure, but also because it still is not one man was not the room in this women's edition. Admittedly, a clever marketing ploy!Curiously, for all its apparent immodesty, David Beckham is a very simple and humble guy. Anyway, he said in an interview:"I never thought about the money and fame - they were never interesting to me, however, as uninteresting now. All this never caused me delight. Читать полностью -->

Aired the latest episode of `house M. D.`

Aired the latest episode of `house M. D.`Final 177th episode of the popular TV series "house MD" (House MD with Hugh Laurie in the title role contradictory brilliant diagnostician Gregory house, released Monday at the screen, informs RIA "news" referring to TV channel FOX.The latest series of long-running film opens with the intriguing title "everybody dies".Fans of house are trying to predict what will end favorite TV series - looking forward to some love "happy end", which will finally appease the protagonist. Others believe that the eight-year Saga will be resolved by the death of the doctor. Moderate optimists suggest that house in the last episode you invent something genius - like the cure for cancer or AIDS.Series in the genre medical drama created by David shore, lasted eight years, in the best moments of drawing to the screen almost 30 million viewers.Critics from the beginning, graciously greeted the emergence of the mass culture of the new image of the doctor - character, endowed with a sharp mind, intelligence and insight instead of traditional human virtues required in the profession, the Agency said.The peak of the popularity of "house" was in 2007-the year, but then the audience steadily declined and, in recent months, fell to 5.5-6.6 million people, despite numerous Golden globes and six Emmy for the script and the production.The British-born Laurie six times nominated for an Emmy, but all six times he had to "swallow the pill" - award is awarded to the opponents.Nevertheless eccentric doctor misanthrope was awarded two awards of the Hollywood press and the Golden globe, and two - the Actor's Guild. In addition, Lori hit the "Guinness Book of world records" as an actor, attracted to television screens the greatest number of people in history.The series made Laurie is also the highest-paid tele in the world: its fees for each series in 2010 reached an unprecedented 700 thousand dollars."The viewer and the doctor tired," explain to producers the completion of the project. Besides Laurie wants to focus more on music and not acting - he plays keyboard and sings at charity rock group Band From TV.Hugh Laurie managed to realize himself as a writer - his novel ' The Gun Seller, 1996) in Russia was reprinted three times already. Читать полностью -->

Zhanna Friske introduced his chosen with parents

Zhanna Friske introduced his chosen with parentsPopular singer and TV presenter Zhanna Friske introduced the elect Dmitry Shepelev with parents. Those in awe of her beloved daughter.Despite the fact that secular chroniclers stated about the separation of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev, the lovers are still together and it inevitably goes to the wedding. So, it is reported that popular singer introduced his beloved parents. And they came to the delight of his daughter's choice. "Daughter, I approve entirely. Dmitry is a great guy!" - quoting father Friske Vladimir Borisovich "7 days". Читать полностью -->

Died a famous figure skater and commentator Alexander Gorelik

Died a famous figure skater and commentator Alexander GorelikFamous figure skater and commentator of TV channel "Russia 2" Alexander Gorelik died in the night of 27 September, in the suburban village of Tuchkovo. He was 67 years old.In the sixties Gorelik performed in a pair Tatiana Zhuk under the guidance of her famous brother - Stanislav Zhuk, was a silver medalist at the 1968 Olympics in Grenoble, Vice-world champion in 1966 and 1968. Honored master of sports.After his sports career, played a major role in a feature film about figure skating "ice Blue". Worked as a coach, was a member of the Russian skating Federation. Also worked in the sports edition on the radio, had led the news with Nikolay Ozerov. In recent years, together with Nikolai Popov Gorelik was commenting on figure skating competition on the channel "Russia 2". Читать полностью -->

Volochkova showed his face without makeup

Volochkova showed his face without makeup Ballerina Anastasia does not get tired to surprise not only his numerous fans, but ordinary people. The actress posted a photo which showed her face without makeup.Not only fans, but ordinary people are used to seeing the dancer Anastasia Volochkova always "dressed up": put into a tight knot blonde hair, rouged cheeks, lot colors, black eyelashes glued, permanent capes or long coats and fur. And not necessarily what it is on the street year round.Thus Volochkova never ceases to amaze: that she puts on display your photos in the Nude, in public, making out with different men. Now the actress has decided to go even further and showed her natural beauty. Volochkova has published in the microblogging photo poses not painted."Arish pigtail braided me..." - signed photo Anastasia. At the photos of the dancer is represented in profile, demonstrating mastery of his seven-year daughter Ariadne, which, by the way, this year went to the first class. Читать полностью -->

Taylor Lautner is mired in action movies

Taylor Lautner is mired in action moviesTaylor Lautner (werewolf Jacob from the infamous "Twilight") will continue to star in action movies. Recall that the last and only to date experience of the actor in this genre is action Packed "Chase", released in August last year.Critics trashed the picture to the nines, and box office receipts did not show impressive results.But it does not stop the Lautner before further attempts. The actor is going to play a major role in the action Thriller "Tracers" (Tracers). The project presentation will take place on the day at the Cannes film market.The protagonist is a guy named Cam, yeah, a bike messenger, on which hangs a debt to a certain criminal group. Once hit by Cam on bike sexy stranger, and she drags him into the world of parkour... (the Plot, of course, ridiculous).Produce now will be the creators of all those "Twilight" Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen. Читать полностью -->

Masha Malinovskaya appeared without makeup

Masha Malinovskaya appeared without makeup A young mother, Masha Malinovskaya, apparently, very happy with the changes that happened to her after the birth of her son. And it's true, little has changed only for the better. We are not about any personal qualities, although we do not doubt, but about the external changes.Since the birth of her son, it has been over a year, and TV presenter has already regained its former shape, which she occasionally shows on his page in the social network. But it's not so much in the figure. Masha had changed the shape of the lips, giving them a more natural shape, which only became more attractive.By the way, its beauty, Malinovskaya confirmed, published in his microblog photo in which she is depicted without makeup.Looks like Mary's immaculate! Source: Masha Malinovskaya appeared without makeup . . Читать полностью -->

Charlize Theron appeared in the Sunday magazine

Charlize Theron appeared in the Sunday magazine Charlize Theron took part in a photo shoot for the new issue of Sunday magazine.Source: Charlize Theron appeared in the Sunday magazine . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The star of `Home-2` Olga Gazhienko announced pregnancy

The star of `Home-2` Olga Gazhienko announced pregnancyThe stars of the infamous reality show "Dom-2" wife Olga and Ilya gazhienko announced the imminent addition to the family.Interestingly, the news that ' Olya from the "House-2" pregnant" appeared a few weeks ago, but then the interesting position attributed not Olga Gazhienko, and leading the project Olga Buzova. She Buzova in a recent television has publicly denied this information. "No, actually while not pregnant. On the contrary, everyone noticed that I lost" - coyly said Olga.Now it became known that in an interesting position is Olga Gazhienko. About this in his blog announced her mother Irina Agibalova: "Yesterday Olga and Ilya celebrated my wedding anniversary, having covered a festive table in the VIP house and had called together all who truly wanted to see. It was very noisy and fun, Dasha and Lera Kashubina even wept happy emotions, and when Olga and Ilya announced that they are expecting a baby!!!! all around just screamed with delight and joy for the kids! YAY!YAY!CHEERS!!!!!!!" Meanwhile, the parents themselves have not commented on this news.The other participant of "House-2" and also the expectant mother Eugenia Feofilaktova-Gusev has informed that will soon go on maternity leave. Читать полностью -->

Opened unexpected circumstances of death Golub

Opened unexpected circumstances of death GolubOpened unexpected circumstances into the death of a popular actress Marina Golub. The party of the accident stated that the car sitting in it with the artist broke the rules, taking off before the traffic light switched to green.In the investigation, which seemed fairly straightforward, there are details that can radically change the situation. The party of the accident, which killed Marina Golub, said that the car with the actress started to move just before the traffic lights turned green light."Before the intersection, literally 30 metres, there is another traffic light at a crosswalk, the needle on the turn. When he gave green, her car went, and green at the intersection turned on when she was driving. He lit up when her car was in motion", - quote the driver of the Kia car, injured in an accident RIA Novosti. According to the participant of the accident, his car moved towards Hyundai, and if he went a little earlier, then Cadillac would've hit him at the intersection.Civil funeral on who died tragically in a car accident actress Marina Golub was held at the Moscow art theatre named after A. Читать полностью -->

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