Michelle Pfeiffer was offered the role in the new film by Luc Besson

Michelle Pfeiffer was offered the role in the new film by Luc BessonMichelle Pfeiffer was offered the role in the new film by Luc Besson "Malavita", according to the website Collider.Besson is working on the film as Director, co-writer and producer. The genre of the film is positioned as a "crime Comedy". It will be headed by an American gangster the family is forced to relocate to France under the witness protection programme. The main character of the film, played by Robert de Niro.De Niro and Pfeiffer previously worked together. Both actors have been busy in the films "the`Old` New year" Gary Marshall (2011) and "Stardust" Matthew Vaughn (2007).Latest movie Besson is a biographical film "the Lady", the main character that is the leader of the democratic opposition Aung San Suu Kyi. Viewers the film was presented in 2011. Читать полностью -->

Announced the shortlist for the `Russian Booker prize`

Announced the shortlist for the `Russian Booker prize`The organizers of the literary prize "Russian Booker" announced the shortlist, which included six works. The names of the finalists and the titles of works are given on the official website of the award.In the short-list was a novel by Alexander Terekhov "the Germans", in June received the award "national bestseller - 2012", and the novel's Stanovoi "the Women of Lazarus, who was also on the short list of "Azbest" and claim the prize "Big book".Among the finalists was Marina Akhmedova with the book "the Diary of a bomber. Khadija", Andrey Dmitriev Roman Peasant and the teenager" and Evgeny Popov with an Internet novel "Arbeit, or Broad cloth". In addition, for the prize is claimed by the writer Olga Slavnikova Roman "Light head", which has already received the "Russian Booker" in 2006 for the work "2017".The jury prize in 2012, headed by critic Samuel Lurie, who said that all the books through to the final are very different, but all they talk about vulnerable and lonely people in a sad and dangerous world. In addition to Lurie the panel includes writer and Director Pavel Sanaev, novelist and critic Roman Senchin, General Director of Fund "Pushkin library" Maria I. and writer Vladimir Salimon.The finalists were chosen from a long list, consisting of 24 works, including novels were Dmitry Bykov and Zakhar Prilepin. Читать полностью -->

Leonardo DiCaprio was surrounded by a crowd of fans

Leonardo DiCaprio was surrounded by a crowd of fans Leonardo DiCaprio has experienced some unpleasant moments in new York, where the film "the Wolf of wall Street" by Martin Scorsese. The actor was just walking down the street when he was surrounded by a crowd of fans and began to ask for autographs and photos.Everyone knows that Leo is not terribly fond of getting into such a situation and otherwise avoids them - but then failed. The worse thing is that the female fans very aggressively attacked the actor, unceremoniously taking pictures with it while moving. The bodyguard actor barely managed to save the poor man. Source: Leonardo DiCaprio was surrounded by a crowd of fans . . Читать полностью -->

The organizers ran McCartney from the scene

The organizers ran McCartney from the sceneThe legends of rock music Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen not given to conclude the message by disabling them sound festival Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park London. The concert organizers felt their performance was too long and literally chased the stars from the stage.American rock musician Bruce Springsteen was headlining the second day of the festival, Hard Rock Calling, the BBC reports. Rocker, who with his group the E Street Band, he sang such hits as "Born In The USA" and "Because The Night".During his speech, Springsteen has agreed to play a little known song "Take `Em As They Come". A poster with this name fan was holding. "My friend, today's your lucky evening. You will hear the damn song," said the musician.He explained that he wrote this "completely unknown" song for the album 1980-the year The River when he "needed a rock song." Later went up to the stage and ex-the Beatles musician Paul McCartney.He joined Springsteen at the very end of the show to sing two hits Beatles - "Twist and shout" and "I saw her standing there". Читать полностью -->

Katy Perry has submitted an excerpt from a new video (photo, video)

Katy Perry has submitted an excerpt from a new video (photo, video)Soon Katy Perry will delight its fans with a long awaited new video for the song "Wide Awake". Videos singer always different bright colors, dynamics and unusual stories and this time, Perry's has stayed true to yourself.The heroes of the new clip will be famous Prince coming from the cartoon "Shrek", a little girl, curious cat, and poisoned strawberries.Source: Katy Perry presented an excerpt from the new video (photo, video). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Sofia Rotaru has escaped from the fans in Italy

Sofia Rotaru has escaped from the fans in ItalyPopular singer Sofia Rotaru celebrates anniversary. Popularly favorite singer was 65 years old. However, she preferred to hide from celebrations in Italy.on 7 August, a famous Russian singer Sofia Rotaru is celebrating 65 years. Many fans were already prepared to see a festive concert of Sofia Mikhailovna, the news that actress from all celebrations disappeared in Italy. It was there, in Tuscany, rotary will celebrate its 65th anniversary in the narrow family circle."Note family. We are here on vacation. Читать полностью -->

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