`New Spiderman` became the leader of the Russian rental

`New Spiderman` became the leader of the Russian rentalFantastic film "the New spider-Man" became the leader of the Russian steel by end July 5-8. This was reported Tuesday on the website Kinobusiness.com.For four days the picture has collected from 9.23 million dollars, and taking into account the rental Desk at halls IMAX - 10,25 million dollars. This is several times more than his closest pursuer, Spanish drama "Three meters above the sky: I want you" (2,46 million).In third place - the animated film "Brave", which gathered 1,23 million dollars. Total fees of paintings in Russia for a three week rental - 14,70 million dollars.On the fourth from the second spot for the week apostils the Film Timur Bekmambetov's "Abraham Lincoln: vampire Hunter" (0,93 million dollars, the total fees of 11.02 million). Rounded out the top five new woody Allen film "Roman holiday", which earned 0,71 million dollars.Recall that in North America "the New spider-Man" also topped the hire, having collected $ 65 million. Fees film for the week reached 140 million, and the total cash register tape outside of the United States has already exceeded $ 200 million. Читать полностью -->

Madonna showed acrobatic stunts in Paris

Madonna showed acrobatic stunts in Paris After each of Madonna's antics at the next concert of her tour seems to be: "Well all she still can surprise me?" But the singer is still a lot of aces up his sleeve. Here and in Paris, she did such feints that little woman in the sixth decade of life would even think about such.Pop diva sang Je T'aime, and helped her in this sexy dancer, who throughout the room she was tied to a chair, performing seductive dances. Madonna thought it was appropriate to wear black tights, a black leotard and a black cloak. And all anything, but the peak numbers were unclear of the Overture on the floor, after which the singer is likely to go on reception to the chiropractor. Looked all this action is not very aesthetically pleasing. The room over the fact that Madge killed her lover shot in the head.Wanting to look sexy, Madonna, apparently, we again lacked a sense of proportion. Читать полностью -->

The group `the time Machine` will update its membership

The group `the time Machine` will update its membershipFamous Russian musician, guitarist of group "the time Machine" and "Resurrection" Eugene Margulis leaves the team of Andrey Makarevich. "Today, June 25, a month after 43 years of the "time Machine", the group departed Eugene Margulis.Until the autumn the group will continue in its current form, and in September will return in the new line," - said in a statement posted on the official website of the group on the night of Tuesday.Evgeny Margulis came in the team of Andrey Makarevich in 1975, however, in 1979 left it to participate in the project "the Resurrection". In 1989 he returned to the time Machine, and now again left the group to record a solo album. Evgeny Margulis in the period of his collaboration with "the time Machine" was a solo project, he also worked with many famous musicians, reminds "Interfax". Source: the Group "time Machine" will update its membership. . Читать полностью -->

Keith urban kissed Nicole Kidman in front of thousands of spectators

Keith urban kissed Nicole Kidman in front of thousands of spectators No one has a doubt that my husband loves Nicole Kidman. Keith urban shows his feelings at every opportunity.During his visit to the tennis tournament U.S. Open Keith urban couldn't resist and kissed his beloved wife Nicole Kidman in front of thousands of spectators. It happened in the fifth day of the tournament, the game Andy Roddick, husband Brooklyn Decker, and Bernard Tomic. Source: Keith urban kissed Nicole Kidman in front of thousands of spectators . . Читать полностью -->

Keira Knightley decided to leave Russia

Keira Knightley decided to leave RussiaColor modern Russian cinema gradually moved to the West, in the United States. The first of his intention to leave said wonderful actor Alexey Serebryakov, who settled in Canada. Behind him in the USA departed cult film Director Timur Bekmambetov. Now Hollywood has decided to conquer and Konstantin Khabensky.Though the actor himself so far no comments on the matter were not given, however in the Russian press already hard news has been floating about when and for how long did Constantine leave home. As you know, in Los Angeles, mother-in-law lives Khabensky and his young son Ivan, who can't live with the actor because of his extraordinary employment. Constantine practically spends all his time in a permanent move. Читать полностью -->

George Clooney decided to become a family man

George Clooney decided to become a family manOver the weekend actor George Clooney gave his longtime sweetheart Stacy Kibler luxurious ring decorated with a huge diamond.While not really clear if it's just a ring or a ring with a proposal of marriage, but the fact remains - the gift now adorns the ring finger of my right hand Stacy.In addition, it appeared that George has started construction of a private house. The actor decided not to buy a new home and build it on his own project, so a new home was equipped with everything necessary. Who knows, maybe Clooney has finally decided to say goodbye to its status as an inveterate bachelor and become a family man.What can I say? Come on, George, don't lose it! The bride, a miracle as well! Source: George Clooney decided to become a family man. . . . Читать полностью -->

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