In `Transformers 4` audiences can expect a whole new cast

In `Transformers 4` audiences can expect a whole new castIn February it became known about the return of Michael Bay in the Director's chair for the fourth part of fantastic action "transformers", and today appeared new information about the upcoming project.Bay said that "Transformers 4" audiences can expect a whole new cast, in addition, the appearance of robots will undergo changes. The filmmaker also added that the fourth part of the popular franchise will be his last. But he does not exclude the fact that someone else will work on possible sequels.Premiere of "Transformers 4" is scheduled on 27th June 2014. The script for the film will write Eren Kruger ("transformers: revenge of the fallen," "transformers 3: Dark of the moon"). Source: In "Transformers 4" audiences can expect a whole new cast. . Читать полностью -->

Hope meyher severely emaciated

Hope meyher severely emaciated Famous Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Hope meyher lost a lot of weight. The former soloist of group "VIA Gra" appeared on the display of his close friend Olga Navrotskaya in a stylish outfit - a white blouse with frill, black leather jacket and long skirt to the floor to match the jacket.All present noted the incredibly slender figure of a star, which is only a couple of months ago became a mother. Recall that Nadia gave birth to a daughter Anna from Russian businessman Mikhail Urzhumtseva. The singer also has a son Igor from a previous relationship. Source: Hope meyher severely emaciated . . Читать полностью -->

Lily Allen is pregnant again

Lily Allen is pregnant againIt became known that Lily and her husband Sam Cooper will become parents for the second time. According to rumors, the birth will take place in December this year.After an unsuccessful pregnancy, the singer was able to bear and give birth to a healthy baby, which was born in June 2011."Sam dreaming of a big family," says the source, " Lily doesn't want to speak publicly about his interesting position, because they are afraid of losing the baby." Source: Lily Allen is pregnant again. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Doctors: Committed suicide Tony Scott was not suffering from cancer

Doctors: Committed suicide Tony Scott was not suffering from cancerThe results of Monday's autopsy report does not allow to unambiguously conclude that the well-known British film Director and producer Tony Scott, who committed suicide in Los Angeles last week, was sick with cancer, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the investigating authorities of the state of California.The autopsy revealed no signs of cancer, said Craig Harvey of the coroner's office responsible for investigating cases of violent death. According to the investigator, a more precise answer can give the results of toxicology tests on the body of the Director, to be held at a later date.Earlier, the relatives of the deceased rejected the data of the press, according to which Scott had an inoperable brain tumor. "The family told us that this information is not true," said Harvey. According to him, the results of toxicology tests on the body of the filmmaker will be announced in a few weeks.68-year-old Director Tony Scott, younger brother of film Director and producer Ridley Scott, jumped from the bridge name Vincent Thomas near Los Angeles on Sunday. His car was found a suicide note. Its author, according to law enforcement authorities did not disclose the motives that prompted him to commit suicide. Читать полностью -->

The National Enquirer showed Travolta in drag

The National Enquirer showed Travolta in drag As they say, trouble came - open the gate. After a male masseur, then several other guys accused John Travolta of sexual harassment, all the actor's life went downhill.Yesterday newspaper the National Enquirer has broken up Travolta, posting old photos on which he flaunts in the image of a painted girl in a wig with earrings and necklace. And it's not footage from the musical "Hairspray" or some other movie, and the real pictures from a party in Los Angeles, where John had fun back in 1997, six years after the marriage to his current wife Kelly Preston.In addition, the publication also claims that after this whole sordid affair spouse Travolta decided to file for divorce. This was reported by a friend the star family:"Kelly told me their marriage is destroyed, and admitted that he no longer lives in their house," said the source. - She tried to put up with his double life for many years until his behavior became public knowledge. But when the truth was unveiled, she was very humiliated. Читать полностью -->

The Queen of outrageous Lady Gaga on the cover of the September Vogue

The Queen of outrageous Lady Gaga on the cover of the September Vogue The Queen of outrageous will grace the cover of Vogue magazine, which in September will be 120 years.The singer will appear before the readers in a gorgeous purple dress from Marc Jacobs. Bright and candid photo shoot conducted by such masters of photography, MERT alas and Marcus Piggott, has become a real decoration of the September edition. On pictures Lady Gaga just unrecognizable, but this mysterious image, it is obvious to the person.26-year-old Grammy award winner has agreed to the interview, in which he shared his thoughts about music and their new perfume The Fame."The fragrance is called "Glory." It needs to be black. It needs to be enticing. You should be tempted to lick it, touch it, feel it. But its appearance should frighten you.". Читать полностью -->

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