Son of Reagan demanded to cancel the auction for the sale of the blood of the father

Son of Reagan demanded to cancel the auction for the sale of the blood of the fatherThe son of the 40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan demanded to cancel the auction for the sale of tubes of blood father, Fox News reports. In addition, Michael Reagan said that the blood is fake and the seller is just trying to make money. "It's a fake, and whoever it was, he's fooling everybody," said Reagan.Against the auction also made Presidential Foundation Ronald Reagan. The representative of the Fund John Habush (John Heubusch) said he will make every effort to ensure that the auction was not held. According to him, the Fund has already contacted the hospital, which kept the tube of blood to find out how she ended up in private hands.Tubes of blood Reagan appeared at auction British company PFC Auctions. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow has died the Marshal Sergei Sokolov

In Moscow has died the Marshal Sergei Sokolov In Moscow on 102-m to year of life has died the Marshal of the Soviet Union Sergei Sokolov. He was the oldest of all and one of the four living marshals of the Soviet Union.As reported "Interfax" the head of the staff of the club of generals of the Russian Federation Nikolai Deryabin, President of the club of generals of the army General Anatoly Kulikov expressed condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.July 1, 2012 Sergey Sokolov turned 101 years old. His name was entered in the Guinness Book of records of Russia. Since 1992, Sergei Sokolov was an adviser at the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.It is expected that the funeral of Marshal Sergei Sokolov will take place on 3 September.Marshal Sergei Sokolov - Hero of the Soviet Union, a veteran of three wars, in the mid-1980s served as Minister of defense of the USSR, which was dismissed after landing the Kremlin German Mathias rust.Source: died In Moscow Marshal Sergei Sokolov . . . Читать полностью -->

Publish unknown poems by John Fowles

Publish unknown poems by John FowlesPublisher Le flambard Press specializing in poetry, in July 2012, will release a compilation of unknown poetry of the writer John Fowles. Preparing a book for publication for five years in a British poet and novelist Adam Thorpe (Adam Thorpe), writes The Guardian.Thorpe received a manuscript of poems by the author of "the Magi" and "the Collector" in 2007, his widow Sarah Fowles, which dismantled the papers of her husband. All these years, Thorpe was restored written, transcribed the recordings. Poems on topics that Fowles had raised in his novels (love, suffering, desire, nature), will be released in a collection called "Selected poems".In the writer's life was published only one book from the poetic works of Fowles in 1973 in the USA. As notes the edition, all Fowles poems were written before he began working on novels.The collection will bring together about 90 Fowles poems, written in different years - from 1950's years until the year of his death. The writer, who is best known book "the French Lieutenant's Woman", died in 2005. Читать полностью -->

Anna Faris showed luxurious figure

Anna Faris showed luxurious figure American actress Anna Faris starred in a sexy photo shoot for the new issue of Flaunt magazine.35-year-old Hollywood star luxurious demonstrated in figure dresses from Vera Wang and Levi's. The author sexy photo shoot was made by Donna Troup.In an interview with Anna talked about filming sex scenes in the movie and admitted she was never a prude:"I always ask - "Are you gonna do this? You'd really do that?", says the actress, " I don't know why they ask such questions! Probably because I get naked in Comedy movies. But who cares, I'll show Breasts in a Comedy or drama? I've never been ashamed of my body and did not attach any importance". Source: Anna Faris showed luxurious figure . . . Читать полностью -->

Considered lost Goya painting auctioned

Considered lost Goya painting auctionedSwiss auction house Koller put up for sale written on the biblical story of the painting by Francisco Goya "Lot and his daughters", reports ArtDaily. The painting will go under the hammer on September 21 at the auction, "the Art of the old masters" which will take place in Zurich.About 80 years, the picture was in the family of a collector, who bought it in the 1920-ies; to this work of art was kept in a private collection in Bilbao. The last eight decades in the film did not recognize the work of Goya, and it was considered lost, but in a recent audit of the collection, the painting was identified as the work of Goya."Lot and his daughters" usually dates from the second half of the 1770s. In these years the artist worked in Spain; in 1771 he returned to Zaragoza after traveling through Italy, and in 1773 moved to Madrid.As the newspaper notes, the painting, which is estimated at 614-818 thousand dollars, is the top lot of the upcoming auction. The auction house noted that the emergence of Goya's paintings on the market is an event, since only in the last twenty years, were put up for sale less than 10 works of Spanish masters. In addition, "Lot and his daughters" is considered important for the early period of art by Goya.The last significant exhibition of works by Goya was the exhibition in April-July was held at Istanbul's Pera Museum. Читать полностью -->

Found in USA Picasso painting valued at $35 million

Found in USA Picasso painting valued at $35 millionDiscovered in mid-August, a picture of Pablo Picasso's "Seated woman in a red hat" estimated at 30-40 million dollars. This hopes to gain money for the work of art auction house Guernsey's, reported on the NPR website.The painting was found in the storerooms of the Museum of fine arts, history and science Evansville in Indiana where she had lain for fifty years by the error in attribution. The author of the picture recorded artist named Gemmaux, although in reality this word indicated a special stained glass technique.In the technique gemmaux, which was developed by French artist Jean Crotti in the 1930-ies, Picasso made about fifty works, but because the found instance is valued particularly highly. The picture drew Winnie expert of the auction house, which conducted the study on gemmaux.American Museum received a gift of a painting from industrial designer Raymond Loewy's, is forced to sell a Spaniard, so as to not provide safe conditions for storage of paintings. To improve the security system, the Museum requires significant funds.It is known that before the sale of the Picasso painting will be exhibited in the Museum, the entire collection which is estimated at $ 10 million. Source: Found in the US Picasso painting valued at $35 million. Читать полностью -->

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