The star of `Home-2` Olga Gazhienko announced pregnancy

The star of `Home-2` Olga Gazhienko announced pregnancyThe stars of the infamous reality show "Dom-2" wife Olga and Ilya gazhienko announced the imminent addition to the family.Interestingly, the news that ' Olya from the "House-2" pregnant" appeared a few weeks ago, but then the interesting position attributed not Olga Gazhienko, and leading the project Olga Buzova. She Buzova in a recent television has publicly denied this information. "No, actually while not pregnant. On the contrary, everyone noticed that I lost" - coyly said Olga.Now it became known that in an interesting position is Olga Gazhienko. About this in his blog announced her mother Irina Agibalova: "Yesterday Olga and Ilya celebrated my wedding anniversary, having covered a festive table in the VIP house and had called together all who truly wanted to see. It was very noisy and fun, Dasha and Lera Kashubina even wept happy emotions, and when Olga and Ilya announced that they are expecting a baby!!!! all around just screamed with delight and joy for the kids! YAY!YAY!CHEERS!!!!!!!" Meanwhile, the parents themselves have not commented on this news.The other participant of "House-2" and also the expectant mother Eugenia Feofilaktova-Gusev has informed that will soon go on maternity leave. Читать полностью -->

Opened unexpected circumstances of death Golub

Opened unexpected circumstances of death GolubOpened unexpected circumstances into the death of a popular actress Marina Golub. The party of the accident stated that the car sitting in it with the artist broke the rules, taking off before the traffic light switched to green.In the investigation, which seemed fairly straightforward, there are details that can radically change the situation. The party of the accident, which killed Marina Golub, said that the car with the actress started to move just before the traffic lights turned green light."Before the intersection, literally 30 metres, there is another traffic light at a crosswalk, the needle on the turn. When he gave green, her car went, and green at the intersection turned on when she was driving. He lit up when her car was in motion", - quote the driver of the Kia car, injured in an accident RIA Novosti. According to the participant of the accident, his car moved towards Hyundai, and if he went a little earlier, then Cadillac would've hit him at the intersection.Civil funeral on who died tragically in a car accident actress Marina Golub was held at the Moscow art theatre named after A. Читать полностью -->

Svetlana Khodchenkova actually appear in the film `the Wolverine`

Svetlana Khodchenkova actually appear in the film `the Wolverine`Svetlana Khodchenkova will indeed play one of the lead roles in the movie "Wolverine". As reported by the resource SuperHeroHype, this information was confirmed by the film Studio 20th Century Fox.It is expected that she will transform into a character nicknamed the Viper. According to mythology, Marvel real name of the heroine Ophelia Sarkissian. She was born in Hungary and was raised "Hydra". Owns various martial arts and has extensive contacts and influence in the criminal world. Well versed in poisons, and she almost immune to them.Shooting "Wolverine" has already started and will be held in Australia and Japan. Читать полностью -->

Blaine was taken to the hospital after the 72-hour electric focus

Blaine was taken to the hospital after the 72-hour electric focusAmerican illusionist David blaine was taken to the hospital after he finished a 72-hour demonstration of focus "Electrified: One Million Volts Always On", during which it zapped a million volts.As reported by NBC News, the magician sent to a medical facility Monday night, October 8.Blaine needs to spend in hospital a while to recover after the show. The team working with the illusionist, noted that most of all he now needed rest from standing still on the platform with a height of six meters. The 72 hours he never left her, and this had a negative impact on the muscle tone in the legs illusionist.Magician blaine began a demonstration of a stunt "Electrified: One Million Volts Always On" Friday, October 5, in new York. He climbed onto the platform and stood so that he was under "sights" seven transformers Tesla, who beat him in shock for three days. All this time the only illusionist to drink, and there he was not allowed.During the execution of the focus 39-year-old blaine was dressed in armor, on his head was a helmet and visor that protects the eyes. When the show of shows ended, the illusionist helped down the platform. Читать полностью -->

Moscow saw the Korean ballet

Moscow saw the Korean ballet A colorful tale with the national Oriental flavor that is called, firsthand, was shown on may 14 at Musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.Source: Moscow saw Korean ballet . . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Kate Middleton photographed Topless

Kate Middleton photographed Topless Yes, they are monarchs, but they're humans! And it's true, why Harry, and William and his wife can't? It turns out that the love of demonstrations of nudity, in the blood of all members of the Royal court.No sooner had Britain to move away from the shock, after a drunken spree, a Junior representative of the Royal court, Prince Harry, as American tabloid Closem presented them with a new surprise by posting a naked picture of Kate Middleton. all adored Duchess Catherine.It turns out that spending the holiday with her beloved husband, last year, Kate allowed herself seemingly innocent little - bare Breasts on the beach. So what? Who among us didn't do it " you say?! Maybe! However, as we know that there's supposed to Venus, to Jupiter... Source: Kate Middleton photographed Topless . . . Читать полностью -->

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