Rihanna and Chris brown caught together

Rihanna and Chris brown caught togetherAs they say, no smoke without fire. And the fact that Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend Chris brown wasn't really trying to dispel the rumors of reconciliation, is clear proof of that.Former lovers hang out at a club, at the same time, the second time in a few days and leave each other with a difference of only a few minutes. Supposedly the paparazzi photographed, like Chris and Rihanna almost simultaneously leaving a new York nightclub Avenue. And, as we learned from the resources of the tabloid TMZ, during his stay of a couple in school brown paused at the table by Rihanna, then the whole evening was watching her eyes, and as a compliment sent her two bottles of champagne.After writing songs together, the ex-lovers are not seen together. In clubs, at parties, at a baseball game with my family Rihanna, that, you, can not be a coincidence. And although Chris on the whole world chanting as he's happy with his girlfriend Kerrouche Tran, their joint meetings with the native of Barbados prove otherwise. Читать полностью -->

Alec Baldwin attacked with fists on the paparazzi

Alec Baldwin attacked with fists on the paparazziYesterday, actor Alec Baldwin joined the ranks of the stars whose nerves passed from the constant attention of the paparazzi. He lashed out with his fists on reporter who tried to photograph him with his bride Hilaria Thomas about the Agency's issuance of permits for the marriage.Of course, the upcoming wedding is serious business, and you can see why Baldwin is bad in control. But most interesting is that the journalist and the actor tell a completely different version of this story: each of them claims to be the victim.Recall that this is not the first skirmish Alec Baldwin c the paparazzi. In 1995, he lashed out at a photographer in California, in 2010 in Manhattan.Representatives of Baldwin's claim that the photographer unceremoniously bumped into the actor and nearly knocked his camera in the face. Everything that happened in the next few minutes, in pure self-defense:Some man overshadowed the review of the photographer who compulsively tried to take a picture. The reporter obviously got mad, pushed passerby and assaulted Alec with a camera. Читать полностью -->

Restorers saved damaged Picasso painting

Restorers saved damaged Picasso painting The staff of the American Museum of Houston managed to save a picture of Pablo Picasso's "Woman in a red armchair" (Woman in a Red Armchair), 1929, after vandal messed up the canvas by painting in Matador killing a bull, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to the newspaper The Houston Chronicle.The incident occurred last Wednesday at the Museum of the Menil Collection, where the picture is placed with its opening in 1987. Immediately after the incident, the canvas was delivered to the restoration room, where experts managed to completely remove all traces of paint.The act of vandalism was recorded by surveillance cameras, and witnesses who filmed the incident on a smartphone. The video clearly shows how a young man gets the image at a Picasso and quickly leaves. In a short time he managed to draw a Matador killing a bull, and write the word СЃonquista (conquest - Spanish).As told in an interview to Channel 2, one of the witnesses, the young man described himself as a "promising artist of Mexican origin" and explained that in this way he wanted to "pay homage" to the works of famous Spanish artist.Now Houston police are looking for a grief-the artist, who face criminal charges.As the newspaper notes, this is not the first case when works by Picasso become objects of attention of artists and provocateurs. In 1974 the American Tony Shafrazi to protest caused the inscription on the famous painting "Guernica," exhibited at the Museum of modern art in new York. At that time the painting also was not injured. Читать полностью -->

Died the oldest billionaire in the world

Died the oldest billionaire in the worldIn Switzerland, at 102-th year of life died the richest poor in the world - billionaire Walter Hefner. His fortune exceeded four billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine he was at 248-m a place among the wealthy of the planet.Hefner died on 19 June, however, it has become known only now. His colleagues said that, despite his advanced age, the billionaire is not the end not to withdraw from public Affairs and regularly appeared in the company's office.It is known that long-lived owned a majority share of high-tech company CA, formerly known as Computer Associates. In addition, his family owned automotive dealer network Automobil-und Motoren AG is the largest provider in Switzerland, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi.The state of the Hefner was estimated at 4.3 billion dollars. In the list of the richest people on the planet Forbes businessman took a "modest" 248 place, while in Switzerland he was behind only two billionaires.After the death of Hefner's oldest billionaire in the world was 96-year-old grandson of the founder of Standard Oil of John D. Rockefeller David Rockefeller. Читать полностью -->

In St. Petersburg rapper Leva Twice died from stab wounds

In St. Petersburg rapper Leva Twice died from stab woundsPolice in St. Petersburg detained a woman suspected of the murder of her roommate, a musician. A victim of family stabbings became the rapper Levon Papyan, known to the public under the pseudonym of Lev Twice.On suspicion in murder of actor arrested 22-year-old unemployed Ekaterina Dorofeeva, which is the cohabitant of the victim, the official website of the investigation Department of St. Petersburg.The body of 23-year-old rapper was discovered Thursday in the apartment house 210 N 43 of the housing 4 along the street Telmana. According to investigators, the afternoon of June 7, Ekaterina Dorofeeva during domestic dispute hit the victim with a knife in the chest. Читать полностью -->

The social network MySpace will build anew

The social network MySpace will build anewThe owners of the social network MySpace announced the development of a new version of the resource, which will be built from scratch. Brief description of the new MySpace and video published on the page new.myspace.com.The developers claim that the new version of the portal will remain true to its roots and will continue to be designed for creative people. They expect that the new MySpace will be joined by musicians, photographers, video producers, designers and other creative people. Anyone can enter on the page of your e-mail address to "very soon" to receive an invitation to the social network.on 24 September, the co-owner of MySpace musician and actor Justin Timberlake has published in his microblog a link to a video presentation of the new version of the social network. It demonstrates the main features of the portal.So, in the bottom of the page will always be the control panel, on which, in particular, be located chat button, search, and audio player. Status updates will be located in a horizontal plane (such as Facebook, Vkontakte or Twitter practice the vertical placement of the news). Читать полностью -->

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