79-year-old Belmondo threw civil wife

79-year-old Belmondo threw civil wifePopular French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo broke up with his common-law wife Barbara Gandolfi. They say 79-year-old actor could no longer tolerate shadow games with his wife Finance.Initially many friends Jean-Paul Belmondo did not appreciate his choice in life partner Barbara, Gandolfi. She was a model rather dubious, do not just filmed Nude for men's magazines. However, this did not stop the actor.Soon Belmondo have any problems with the police. Despite himself, Jean-Paul tried his best to hide the details of shootouts with the law, savvy journalists have unearthed that his young friend was not crazy about the actor, and his money. Law enforcement agencies interested in suspicious financial activity in the accounts of the former spouse of the model. Читать полностью -->

Berkova announced the divorce from her third husband

Berkova announced the divorce from her third husbandInfamous pornographic actress, model and former member of the TV project "Dom-2" Elena Berkova announced the divorce from her third husband, stripper Ivan Belkovym.Elena Berkova gave a candid interview in which he talked about breaking up with her husband Ivan Belkovym. As it turned out, the relationship between the couple deteriorated soon after the registration of the relationship. "At first everything was good. We started living together, preparing for the birth of the baby. But less than a month from the day of our wedding, as Vanya has changed dramatically. Became rude, hysterical, began to raise his hand to me" - I quote Berkova Life News.According to the actress, all because of sexual jealousy. Читать полностью -->

Blake lively appeared in Bullett magazine

Blake lively appeared in Bullett magazine Famous American actress Blake lively starred in a new fashion shoot for the summer issue of the magazine Bullett.The star of the television series "Gossip girl", the 24-year-old beauty-blonde appeared on the pages of glossy magazines in luxurious evening gowns from the new collections of Chanel and Lanvin. In an interview with the magazine Blake spoke about the final of the youth series, and admitted that he is looking forward to the end of the filming of the finale of "Gossip girl":"I feel about the end of an era "Gossip girl", as a graduate school is scary but also very exciting, "says the actress," I look forward to beginning a new phase in life! You know, six years of filming took its toll, and during this time I learned a lot. But I don't think his acting in "Gossip girl" is a professional and worthwhile - I think I can do more in the movies." Source: Blake lively appeared in Bullett magazine . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared on the cover of Maxim

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared on the cover of Maxim The model has demonstrated its seductive form on the cover of the Portuguese gloss.25-year-old British became the main character of the last summer edition, glamour Maxim Portugal. Rosie not only graced the cover of the issue, but also gave a candid interview to the edition, which added spice to the already seductive photos in which the model showed not only fashionable clothes, but also showed her magnificent body.Photo shoot for the magazine was conducted by the renowned photographer Russell James has created for beauties are a few images from the romantic-dreamy, before greedily, fatal.Watch and enjoy. Source: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley appeared on the cover of Maxim . . . . Читать полностью -->

Victoria Bonia showed her daughter

Victoria Bonia showed her daughter Well-known TV presenter Victoria Bonia first showed the face of his infant daughter Angelina.32-year-old Russian star has published in his Twitter pictures 7-month-old adorable girl. Judging by the pictures, baby Angelina - copy of his father, the millionaire Alex Smurfit. Source: Victoria Bonia showed her daughter . . . . Читать полностью -->

Beyonce is preparing a documentary about his life

Beyonce is preparing a documentary about his lifeAmerican singer Beyonce decided to follow in the footsteps of artists such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, and to make a documentary about her bright busy life.The star has officially confirmed the rumors that will soon begin shooting a documentary about her life and career. Musical biography Beyonce will include not only the story of the achievements of the artist, but also about her marriage with rapper and producer Jay-Z and the birth of his daughter blue ivy.Note that documentaries for the modern world of the stars is another great opportunity to earn - so, a documentary of singer Justin Bieber, with a budget of $ 13 million, 73 million dollars of earnings. And the picture about the life of Katy Perry in just a month brought its creators $ 24 million. Source: Beyonce is preparing a documentary about his life. . . Читать полностью -->

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