Anna Snatkina married resident `Comedy club`

Anna Snatkina married resident `Comedy club`Royal wedding staged a famous Russian actress Anna Snatkina - actress, best known for the role of the daughter of the last Russian Emperor in the popular series, married a resident of "Comedy club" Victor Vasiliev in the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg.Anna and Victor very long time to choose a place to host their wedding, said "Z" friend of the actress. They wanted the holiday to be special, not like everyone else. In Summer they rented a two room, and it only cost them nearly a million rubles - because it is one of the most beautiful places in St. Petersburg!Take a walk on the luxurious wedding party arrived almost the entire group of pranksters led by Willy Paul.- These guys are close friends of the groom, - said the interlocutor. - Victor known them since the days of the CFI, and in the show they performed together. Then he had left and made his own show on channel one, but the friendship did not interrupt.Here and there invited giggled from witty jokes Garik Martirosyan and Vadim galygina and presenter Dmitry Khrustalev and even volunteered to be the master of ceremonies.Toast and luxury alcohol flowed freely, home noisy company left well after midnight. Source: Anna Snatkina married a resident of "Comedy club"".

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