The son of a famous coach was a murderer

The son of a famous coach was a murdererIn Podolsk near Moscow, the son of a famous Paralympic coach Michael Baramidze suspected of murder. Baramidze in a fight outside a nightclub has killed a man.According to investigators, on the night of may 19 at night club "Rio Grande" two by drunken young people began to sort things out, and then the fight started. As a result Baramidze has put some blows by a knife to their peer Alexander Nagibin. "At some point, as seen in the CCTV footage, Baramidze took out a knife and repeatedly struck them lying on the ground Nagibina", - have informed in law enforcement bodies of Moscow.Further, the offender assaulted a friend Nagibina 26-year-old Alexis Grebenkina, and the victim tried to leave, but soon he fell. "Despite the fact that medics ambulance were there within a few minutes after the call, to save the wounded failed", - noted in the police.Alex Grebenkin survived, because the attacks were on a tangent. Doctors said that at present his health is not in danger.Michael Baramidze - son mentor Paralympic Champions Cup, coach of football club "Leo Black - Olympia" and national team of Russia on football among athletes with cerebral palsy Avtandil Baramidze, reports Life News.Under the leadership of the 54-year-old coach of the Russian Paralympic team won gold medals at the Games in Sydney, silver in Atlanta and Beijing and bronze in Athens. On account Baramidze and his pupils also winning the world Cup in Brazil in 2007 and prizes at Championships of the world and the Old world. Source: the son of a famous coach was a murderer.

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