Madonna refused to remove a swastika video

Madonna refused to remove a swastika videoAmerican singer Madonna commented on the use of the swastika in the video during a recent concert in Paris. The singer has refused to remove from the show symbol, despite the threat by the court.The scandal caused by the fact that on July 14 at the Madonna concert in Paris the song Nobody Knows Me " was accompanied by a video in which the leader of the French far-right party national front, marine Le Pen was shown with a swastika on his forehead. The concert was held in the framework of the world tour, the pop star's MDNA.In an interview with Brazilian television channel Madonna told me that all of the images to be shown at the concert videos were chosen quite deliberately. "This video is dedicated to the intolerance that people have to each other, and how we make judgments about people you don't know," explained Louise Veronica Ciccone, aka Madonna.Earlier, the party national front announced that it intends to sue the artist. Madonna herself has refused to make changes in the video, reports the BBC. "The world is spreading intolerance. In Greece, France, everywhere are trying to kick out immigrants, to force people to cover their faces and hide their religious beliefs. Look at how to treat Russia with the gay community," said the star, adding that calls to "Wake up and realize that we are only multiplying the chaos in this world." Earlier, the star declared that "art is supposed to keep track of what is happening in the world, and to give social commentary".It is worth noting that earlier tour Madonna already caught in another scandal. According to some opinion, the title MDNA is a direct reference to a popular club drug MDMA, aka ecstasy. In support of this, during a performance of Madonna at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the actress, referring to the audience, asked, saw they today with Molly. At the youth slang of Americans to see Molly means to take ecstasy.Famous DJ Paul van dyke commented, "Perhaps the only thing she thought was, "I need to find a common language with the young people," thus she made the biggest mistake of his career. She was so stupid that talked about drugs before 18-year-old adolescents. Madonna has responded to the criticism on his blog: "I wasn't talking about drugs and never supported their use. I was talking about the song Have You Seen my friend Molly Cedric Gervais, with whom he worked on the album". Source: Madonna refused to remove a swastika video.

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