Scarlett Johansson repeated iconic murder scene in the shower

Scarlett Johansson repeated iconic murder scene in the showerThe new biopic "Hitchcock" is devoted to the history of the Thriller "Psycho". In it are removed Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren and James D'arcy and Scarlett Johansson, who play the stars "Psycho" Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh.In the first trailer Hitchcock-Hopkins demonstrates a furious energy, capable of destroying any obstacles, playfully pererugivalis with his "military girlfriend" (Helen Mirren) and puts the knife over the naked heroine Scarlett Johansson.Based on the novel about a homicidal maniac, who awaits the victims in a secluded Motel, was given the Director a hard time. The unusual suspense-Thriller with Freudian motifs did not dare to take no Studio, so Alfred Hitchcock had to independently obtain financing. The efforts paid off: in our days, "Psycho" is considered a classic of world cinema. It spawned a number of sequels, prequels and spin-offs, but none of them managed to repeat the success of the original film."Hitchcock", the directorial debut of English Sasha Gervasi (writer of "the Terminal"), based on the book by Stephen Rebello's "Alfred Hitchcock and the creation of "Psycho", that reports on all aspects of the work on the cult horror movie. In particular, the book detailed the history of the famous murder scene in the shower. At this point, given much attention in picture Gervasi: in the trailer you can see how Hitchcock (Hopkins) satisfied with the "rehearsal for murder", throwing knife for the Nude heroine Scarlett Johansson. What else happened on the set of one of the scariest movies of the twentieth century, we'll find out soon enough: 10 January 2013 "Hitchcock" leaves in the Russian hire. Source: Scarlett Johansson repeated iconic murder scene in the shower.

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