In the US arrested the woman who reported the party Prince Harry

In the US arrested the woman who reported the party Prince Harry In one of the U.S. airports while trying to fly to Mexico detained a 40-year-old Carrie Richert, who told the media about the party, Britain's Prince Harry in Las Vegas. This was reported by the British TV channel BBC-24."Carrie was stupid," said an airport employee who identified the woman. Now all passengers are checked against them for the presence of prosecution. She knew about it, but, nevertheless, ventured to go abroad by plane and got caught.The fact is, said ITAR-TASS that Richert since 2003, is wanted on charges of forgery of a check in the amount of 21 thousand dollars.The newspaper notes that Carrie Richert enjoys massage and pole dance. However, she was misled and Prince Harry and the world press, saying initially that she's 32. As it turned out, she downgraded her age of 8 years. Now Richert detained by police and is in custody.At the end of August in one of the hotels of Las Vegas, Prince Harry, according to witnesses, "was partying too hard ..." and "behaved geeky way." World Newspapers along with photos taken, apparently, secretly, mobile phone, and published the details of what happened in the Prince's Suite cost 8 thousand dollars per night. Part of this information was provided by Carrie Richert, who was at that moment next to Harry among his friends. In her words, "completely naked Prince was very drunk, but behaved like a true gentleman until disconnected".Source: U.S. arrested the woman who reported the party Prince Harry.

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