In the Russian hire leaves `Madagascar 3`

In the Russian hire leaves `Madagascar 3` One of the most successful cartoon "Madagascar" has collected in world more than a billion dollars, continued. Today in the Russian hire starts "Madagascar 3". His characters go to the circus tour in Europe.About the cartoon told Ben Stiller and Chris Rock in an exclusive interview to the program "the film industry".Arranging a special screening of the third "Madagascar" at the Cannes film festival, where top kinozhurnalista from around the world, the producers even before the official release provided a picture of press coverage and comments in social networks. This was meant to prepare the audience to 6 June the date of the world premiere of the cartoon - and to remind you of the favorite and forgotten characters: the giraffe Melman, Gloria the hippopotamus, Marty the Zebra and Alex the lion. In the American version of their paintings are traditionally voiced actors David Schwimmer, jada, Pinkett Smith, Ben Stiller and Chris Rock. On the website "a Film About" the published report from the Cannes press conference, in which the actors spoke in detail about working on a new painting and about his attitude to the sequels."My hero - Alex the lion is certainly changed from the first part to the third. In the beginning he thought he perfectly knows himself and considered himself the king of the jungle. But when he was on the outside, not in the zoo, he realized that he couldn't imagine what it's like to be a lion," says Ben Stiller."And my character, Marty, meets his family in the circus and understands what real family is all still his friends from the zoo," adds Chris Rock.Three components of success: stellar voice (in the Russian hire heroes voiced Khabensky, Tsekalo and Kucera), incendiary humor and, most importantly, the calculation for a broad audience of all ages, including the most active audience - young people aged 18 to 24 years. As a result, over a billion dollars in worldwide box office for the first two parts. In Russia "Madagascar" earned $ 48 million, and the second series of the cartoon, which came out 4 years ago, still remains in the top ten highest grossing films in Russian distribution. From animated films were only successful third "Ice age", the last "Shrek" and the recent "puss in boots".Source: Russian hire leaves "Madagascar 3".

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