After Timati on Kirkorov `hit` Prigogine

After Timati on Kirkorov `hit` PrigogineIn star Twitter real war began between representatives of domestic show business. No sooner had Philip to rest after a showdown with Timothy, as he "ran" the producer and husband of singer Valeria and Joseph Prigogine.Correspondence celebrities in their own microblogging among themselves increasingly began to resemble the disassembly. Secular chroniclers ever start to say that Philip Kirkorov trying in all ways to face down and disqualify the stars. Pop singer, recently quarreled with with rapper Timati, converged in battle with producer and husband of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine.As reported by "7 days", Prigogine reminded the girl working in the team of Philip Kirkorov that seven years ago she took money from him and still they have not returned. Suddenly the producer said himself king of pop. The publication quoted Kirkorov: "I Ask not to insult and defame me! It is fraught. We, unlike you in your life do not climb". However, Prigogine not hesitate to answer: "Offer me not to touch it, and your employee to return to duty.".

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