Polina Gagarina gathered under the crown

Polina Gagarina gathered under the crownPopular Russian singer Polina Gagarina gathered under the crown. The elect of the young singer is a musician known group Therr Maitz Boris Ions. Interestingly, in the Internet lovers are already married.Polina Gagarina and Boris Ions have registered their relationship in the social network. On his Facebook page, Pauline wrote that she married Boris, and Boris did the same thing on your page. Many fans and friends lovers immediately began to congratulate the couple, but Pauline said that their wedding took place exclusively on the Internet. However, the artist noted that he and Boris are preparing for this event. Say, Pauline met him two years ago while working on recording a new album.Elect Polina Gagarina Boris Ions also has a direct relationship to music. He is the drummer of the group Therr Maitz. The history of the team began in Khabarovsk in 2004. Initially the band was a Duo and toured the far East and Japan. Since 2006 she began her Moscow period, during which the band recorded new songs, hone the style. Three years later he released the first album of a band called Sweet Oldies. In 2010, Therr Maitz concert begins work in a new composition. The group Therr Maitz is fairly well known. The team repeatedly appeared in the First channel, MTV, the TV channel "Rain", TNT (Comedy Club); on radio stations "Mayak" and "Megapolis FM".Meanwhile in may and Pauline Boris became participants of the incident. Unidentified men severely beat Ionova. The singer was vainly calling for help - nobody dared to get into a fight. In an interview the actress said that she ran to the guards nearest restaurant who saw the beating scene from beginning to end, but they did not even budge to help the performer. Fortunately, everything worked out, and Boris did not cause serious harm.By the way, Polina Gagarina was thought to have an affair with producer Konstantin Meladze. However, neither Pauline nor Constantine did not comment on this information. And only recently Gagarin dispelled all the rumors came to light in the company of his real lover, drummer Boris ionov. Source: Polina Gagarina gathered under the crown.

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