Joe appeared on the secular parties in tights

Joe appeared on the secular parties in tightsRumors that Alla Pugacheva going to change the image, went long. For the first time "updated" Diva appeared on the stage of the Crimean festival in late August. Now for the changes that happened with the singer, was able to observe and representatives of the capital party.The first release Pugacheva, held at the premiere of the film "Love with accent", will be remembered for a long time, sure the capital's fashionistas, impressed and even somewhat frightened for the Diva. In the cinema, Alla Borisovna has appeared not in evening dress. She was wearing a black jacket above knee, purple leggings, and on his head - two tail like a girl in Junior high.Now Pugacheva will walk always so, and even, according to rumors, will take a new name. While it is held in the strictest confidence. "All will learn with time," said Alla impatient journalists.However, the new image of the Divas, as it now was called, not everyone liked. "But she was noticeably thinner," said defenders of Alla Borisovna angry at the language of the guests of the evening. About miracle diet, the singer doesn't spread. She repeatedly said in interviews that her husband Maxim Galkin loves it all. It's repeated again.By the way, ready Pugacheva and new repertoire. It can be heard on 8 December on the stage of the "Olympic" during the recording of "Christmas meetings". Diva will return to the concert activity after three years of silence.It is not yet known whether it will agree to go on tour. Most likely, a national tour with a new concert program. Doctors strictly prohibit Diva long trip, because she has heart problems.Besides Pugachev prefers to move around the country on personal train, not by plane. And this will complicate the task organizers. So to see a new image Divas live only the lucky chosen, among which was the guests of yesterday's premiere. Source: Joe appeared on the secular parties in tights.

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