Her family moved to Mexico

Her family moved to MexicoPopular TV presenter, former member of the infamous reality show "Dom-2" Alain Vodonaeva has published in his blog intimate pictures and told that the family moved to Mexico.Recall that Alain Vodonaeva has replaced the famous singer Zhanna Friske on the post host of TV show "Vacation in Mexico". Now Alain, recently celebrated its 30th anniversary at a luxurious Villa, pleases many fans of the new hot shots from hot Mexico. So, for example, recently Vodonaeva has published in his microblog photo own tanned legs in short denim shorts with belt in the form of cherries.In addition, Alan has demonstrated a flat stomach than very pleased the fans. However, some evil tongues said that a picture of your idea is very similar to a photo of a famous German model Heidi Klum, which at the beginning of the month in his microblog posted a similar picture showing her legs and belly.However, in one picture of Her didn't stop there. TV presenter allegedly "caught" when she turned away from the camera. On the photo Alena demonstrates luxury slim back in a white t-shirt and a tattoo. Called a snapshot of Her succinctly: "Caught". By the way, Alena denied the rumors that allegedly left her husband and son, and moved to Mexico."My family were already here, I just don't advertise it, so as not to create unnecessary hype. I'm already in the apartment comfortably moved in, the family and the most scenic area on the Mexican coast - Carreras. And to the guys closer, and conditions for children here are amazing. While I was alone, I prefer the hotel was" quoted Alain Vodonaeva "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Meanwhile, a prominent journalist and TV presenter Andrey Malakhov also shared with his fans personal photos. The star posted on his microblog a picture of the breast wife Natalia. On the close up photo shows the white lace covering tanned body and coral-colored swimsuit. Malakhov signed: "This is not a curtain. This dress is my wife!" Source: Her family moved to Mexico.

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