The artist received the prize for a portrait of a naked `Aunt`

The artist received the prize for a portrait of a naked `Aunt`In 2012, BP art award, which is awarded annually for the best portrait, got Eli Chapin (Aleah Chapin), depicting a naked friend of the family. According to BBC News, the artist will receive a cash prize in the amount of 25 thousand pounds sterling.In the portrait, which the author calls "Auntie", depicts an elderly woman almost in full growth. According to the Huffington Post, this work is part of a series of works Chapin, showing naked women, which the artist knows all of his life. Picture of "Aunt" painted in oil.The jury has seen over two thousand portraits from 74 countries before choosing the four finalists, one of which received the first prize (awarded second, and third prize for young authors).BP Portrait Award is a joint project of BP and the National portrait gallery, which each year hosts an exhibition of portraits. It is presented as the work of the winner and finalists. This year, starting on 21 June at the National portrait gallery will be exhibited 55 portraits. According to the rules of the organizers, visitors also have the right to choose the best according to them the picture. The winner, who will receive the people's choice award will be determined at the end of the exhibition (this year September 23).Award for best contemporary portrait is given thirty-three years; BP acts as its sponsor for the past twenty-three years. One of the most memorable winners of the last years was British artist Daphne Todd (Daphne Todd), who won the award in 2010. She wrote a portrait of his dead mother, who died at the age of one hundred years. Source: the Artist received the prize for portrait Nude "Aunt"".

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