Test tube Reagan auctioned

Test tube Reagan auctionedThe tube is used for blood analysis of U.S. President Ronald Reagan after the assassination attempt of 1981, exhibited at the British auction PFC Auctions. Lot posted on the auction website.In the description of the lot it is argued that in vitro preserved dried blood of the President. At present this subject is offered 6,27 lbs.Along with a vial on sale is also the official form used to record the tests.People put these things up for auction (his name is not called), indicated that his mother worked in the lab, and asked to do a blood test Reagan after the assassination attempt. Director of the laboratory after the testing was done, allowed the mother of the current owner to pick up these items. According to the person that posted these items for sale, neither the FBI nor the US Secret service or other agencies showed no interest in them.On the auction house PFC Auctions also exhibited things relating to the other celebrities.The attempt on Reagan occurred on March 30, 1981 at the Hilton in Washington. John Hinckley (John Hinckley Jr.) fired several times, wounding the President himself and several others. According to would-be murderer, so he wanted to impress actress jodie foster. Hinckley was found insane and sent for treatment in a psychiatric hospital. In the clinic it contains still. Source: test Tube Reagan auctioned.

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