Elena Vaenga apologized for the ignorance

Elena Vaenga apologized for the ignoranceOne of the most popular Russian singer Elena Vaenga gave a candid interview in which he commented on your post about Pussy Riot, which caused a lot of noise due to illiteracy and large letters.We will remind, recently on the page of its official website Elena Vaenga left a note, which spilled all my emotions regarding the trial of girl group Pussy Riot. The popular performer was so susceptible to the passions that didn't care about punctuation or spelling. Eventually got up the hype, with which the Internet has migrated in the written press and on television.Elena Vaenga, which, in principle, rarely gives interviews, has decided to speak out to clarify his position and explain why he wrote so and not otherwise. "The fact that I really had a fiver on the Russian language. And when I was graduated from the literary Lyceum in St. Petersburg, I wrote the final composition in verse. And I got five and a grammar, and content. I just like this person, write correctly, only when I need it. This is wrong. I was floating, his hands shook. I am a very emotional person," quoted Elena Vaenga "Express newspaper".The actress said: "It was the cry of the soul, and I was not hit by commas. It was illiterate writings, for which I apologize. I will always apologize for illiterate Scripture and the failure to use concealer, which I present on the site. I could just press the button - and for me everything could be fixed. But I was not before. At this point I was shaking from other things. I was very strictly brought up, believe me. And their children I'm going to bring up. If in three years the "our father" is not read - the railroad will not get.Vaenga spoke about Pussy Riot: "Let the court sort out. If they sincerely repent, I forgive them. As an Orthodox Christian. But as a citizen of the Russian Federation, sorry, I can't do anything, I don't judge. Let the judge know. I'm still worried for the situation. Sucks all it, boys can't keep. Right people who say: God is the judge. But if we talk every offence that God is the judge, - then let the prison gates will open".The singer said that all because of the machinations of the West: "do you think, in 1917 the Russian revolution itself up? We understand that have tried there in the West. We understand. "Snickers" killed "McDonald's" is not destroyed - us Pussy Riot has salutarily. I'm not against America. Was recently going there again, I really like Americans, and like the continent". Source: Elena Vaenga apologized for the ignorance.

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