Madonna showed acrobatic stunts in Paris

Madonna showed acrobatic stunts in Paris After each of Madonna's antics at the next concert of her tour seems to be: "Well all she still can surprise me?" But the singer is still a lot of aces up his sleeve. Here and in Paris, she did such feints that little woman in the sixth decade of life would even think about such.Pop diva sang Je T'aime, and helped her in this sexy dancer, who throughout the room she was tied to a chair, performing seductive dances. Madonna thought it was appropriate to wear black tights, a black leotard and a black cloak. And all anything, but the peak numbers were unclear of the Overture on the floor, after which the singer is likely to go on reception to the chiropractor. Looked all this action is not very aesthetically pleasing. The room over the fact that Madge killed her lover shot in the head.Wanting to look sexy, Madonna, apparently, we again lacked a sense of proportion. But she doesn't care about critics. She'd rather cancel his concert than allow minimal censorship of their rooms. All her life she struggled with those who told her what to do and what not to do. Because now she's especially not going to listen to them.Meanwhile, fans of the pop diva her spectacular show like. One of the visitors of the concert, wrote in his Twitter:"The room of the Madonna Je T'aime moi non plus - one of the best I've seen. She should speak with him at the MTV Awards or the Grammy.".

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