`New wave` began without Raimonds Pauls

`New wave` began without Raimonds PaulsEve opened the international competition of young singers of popular music "New wave - 2012. However, on the day of the press conference was co-chair, composer Raimonds Pauls. It turned out, the Maestro was admitted to the hospital.The reason for the lack of a 76-year-old composer Raimonds Pauls was unwell, because of which the Maestro was even hospitalized. At the press conference was made by the colleague of the elderly Maestro composer Igor Krutoy. He said Raimonds Pauls promised "to recover as soon as possible, to catch the opening of the "New wave", reports "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Later really came to the Grand opening ceremony of Raimonds Pauls himself told reporters that with him "all right already". "Well, the hospital is planned, the age of, you know, it's time to think about themselves", he says the 76-year-old Latvian Maestro RIA Novosti.Recall that in Jurmala in the 11th international competition of young singers of popular music "New wave - 2012. Local residents welcomed the guests, lined up with balloons along the red carpet, on which were renowned Russian singer Iosif Kobzon, resident of Comedy Club Alexander Revva, actress and singer Anna Semenovich, stylist Sergey Zverev. The rest of the guests and jury solemn passage ignored.The concert was opened by the winner of the competition "Jurmala" - 1988 Alexander Malinin song "the long Road" with the Gypsy chorus. Conduct competitive shows will be Vera Brezhnev, Alexander Revva, Ivan Dorn, Anna Semenovich, Sergey Lazarev, Vera Kudryavtseva. Russian Ambassador to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov read out a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who wished all participants good luck, and residents of Jurmala - bright and unforgettable impressions.Appeared on the scene Orbakajte. Immediately after it was made by Valery Leontiev, Verka Serduchka, Ani Lorak Sergey Lazarev. The competition will take place in Jurmala from the 24th-29th of July. Source: "New wave" began without Raimonds Pauls.

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