National gallery, London put on a show for the voyeurs

National gallery, London put on a show for the voyeursNational gallery, London put on two months six Nude bathers, which you can peep through the keyhole at the opening on Wednesday of the installation by the British artist, owner Ternerovsky award Mark Wallinger, impressed by the paintings of Titian and mythological scenes, RIA "Novosti".Exhibition "Metamorphosis: Titian 2012" - the first such experiment gallery, which has one of the world's richest collections of classical painting.Uollinger arranged in one of the halls of the gallery's bathroom and hid it behind a wall and gave visitors the opportunity to peek behind the bathers through cracks and keyholes. This idea the artist was inspired by the mythological paintings by Titian, which are the center of the exposition."Diana and Acteon", "Death of Actaeon" and "Diana and Callisto" is dedicated to the Greek goddess of war Diana. The hunter Actaeon sees at the river bathing Diana, surrounded by nymphs. The goddess, enraged by the fact that she saw death, turns the hunter into a deer to kill their own dogs. The last picture tells the story of sweethearts Diana and the nymph Callisto, who became pregnant by Jupiter. Pregnancy opens when Callisto having to undress before bathing.The paintings are a series of seven works by Titian, created for the Spanish king Philip II in the 16th century. At that time they were considered so explicit that they were draped curtain in the presence of ladies.Related paintings of installation is also called "Diana". Uollinger spent a lot of time to find six women named Diana who agreed to participate in the two-month project and daily appear before the public, though through a keyhole, naked. "Goddesses" found only after the artist has issued a call on Twitter."Project "Diana" - about what to observe and be in the role of someone watching. It's my idea of a modern Diana," said the artist, who in 2007 received the prestigious British award for contemporary art when presented the film, which was dressed in a bear costume.Girls will change every two hours, restrictions on their behavior Uollinger is not imposed, the only thing - they need to bathe, "as the real goddess".Installation is only one of work of Titian metamorphosis. The project is part of the London Cultural Olympiad and includes some collaborative work of choreographers, artists, actors and two cultural institutions - the National gallery and the English national ballet ENO. They are all dedicated modern adaptation of Titian stories. This Saturday at ENO in the framework of the project will feature three new ballet. Source: national gallery, London put on a show for the voyeurs.

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