79-year-old Belmondo threw civil wife

79-year-old Belmondo threw civil wifePopular French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo broke up with his common-law wife Barbara Gandolfi. They say 79-year-old actor could no longer tolerate shadow games with his wife Finance.Initially many friends Jean-Paul Belmondo did not appreciate his choice in life partner Barbara, Gandolfi. She was a model rather dubious, do not just filmed Nude for men's magazines. However, this did not stop the actor.Soon Belmondo have any problems with the police. Despite himself, Jean-Paul tried his best to hide the details of shootouts with the law, savvy journalists have unearthed that his young friend was not crazy about the actor, and his money. Law enforcement agencies interested in suspicious financial activity in the accounts of the former spouse of the model. The investigators suggested that Gandolfi intentionally included in the trust Belmondo to lure him out of money, reports ITAR-TASS. But even this important fact Belmondo turned a blind eye.However, everything has its limits. Yesterday the lawyer of the French actor Michel Year made an official statement that Belmondo broke up with Gandolfi. "Jean-Paul Belmondo notified me as a friend and as a lawyer that parted with Barbara Gandolfi," said the Year. The lawyer noted that the actor has kept "beautiful memories" about living together with Barbara who is 40 years younger than him. "However, there are things that Belmondo cannot accept this," stressed the Year, refusing to comment on the cause of separation.As recalled by RIA Novosti, Jean-Paul Belmondo met a native of Belgium Barbara Gandolfi four years ago in a restaurant on the Cote d'azur in the South of France. Relationship with 35-year-old model has brought him a lot of worries when Belgian and French police have begun to investigate the suspicious transfer of money on account of her former husband.In 2009, the famous actor was questioned by Belgian police, figuring out, lent it to 200 thousand euros. The guards suspected Gandolfi extortion of funds from Belmondo and even tried to persuade him to file a lawsuit against the companion. However, the artist replied that he had no claims to Gandolfi, and sued the Belgian police. Source: 79-year-old Belmondo threw civil wife.

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