Berkova announced the divorce from her third husband

Berkova announced the divorce from her third husbandInfamous pornographic actress, model and former member of the TV project "Dom-2" Elena Berkova announced the divorce from her third husband, stripper Ivan Belkovym.Elena Berkova gave a candid interview in which he talked about breaking up with her husband Ivan Belkovym. As it turned out, the relationship between the couple deteriorated soon after the registration of the relationship. "At first everything was good. We started living together, preparing for the birth of the baby. But less than a month from the day of our wedding, as Vanya has changed dramatically. Became rude, hysterical, began to raise his hand to me" - I quote Berkova Life News.According to the actress, all because of sexual jealousy. Elena said: "It made me very jealous. To the fact that I'm famous and he's not. From the beginning, Ivan was only interested in my fame and money. He was trying to climb into show business through me. Now I realize that he never loved me".The situation has not changed even after the birth of her son Eugene. Besides, as stated by the adult film star, family contain it. Now Ivan Belkov and disappeared. "Ivan was gone and stopped with me all communication. For three and a half years of the life of our son Zhenya he never inquired about the child and even did not wish to see him. But Belkov gladly attended all the shooting TV shows about me and as my lawful husband talked about our "happy" family life", - said the actress.Berkova filed for divorce, but not so easy - she doesn't know where to look. "I already for a long time can't find Ivan in order to obtain a divorce from him. He has one child from his first marriage, whom he also abandoned and left without paternal care. My divorce I turned to the lawyer and hope that he will help me to forget about this man," said Elena.Elena Berkova and Ivan Belkov got married in 2008, and in July 2009 they had long awaited child Eugene. Ivan was the third official spouse Berkova. The first time the girl got married at the age of 16 in his hometown of Nikolaev. Using a false certificate about pregnancy, Lena combined legal marriage with a young Armenian named albert. Husband was very jealous and allowed myself to let loose hands, so that after a year marriage broke up.Soon Lena met her second husband - a 50-year-old Vladimir Khimchenko. The girl was not even embarrassed by the fact that he's only a couple of months ago was released from a colony where served time for armed robbery. Marriage, like the previous one, was short-lived, and the cause of the divorce, were the same jealousy and physical abuse.After a while, Berkova, which at that time was 22 years old, started Dating famous singer 60 - year-old Anatoly Dneprov. Before the wedding, it never came: Anatoly had a heart attack. Source: Berkova announced the divorce from her third husband.

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