Rihanna and Chris brown caught together

Rihanna and Chris brown caught togetherAs they say, no smoke without fire. And the fact that Rihanna and her ex-boyfriend Chris brown wasn't really trying to dispel the rumors of reconciliation, is clear proof of that.Former lovers hang out at a club, at the same time, the second time in a few days and leave each other with a difference of only a few minutes. Supposedly the paparazzi photographed, like Chris and Rihanna almost simultaneously leaving a new York nightclub Avenue. And, as we learned from the resources of the tabloid TMZ, during his stay of a couple in school brown paused at the table by Rihanna, then the whole evening was watching her eyes, and as a compliment sent her two bottles of champagne.After writing songs together, the ex-lovers are not seen together. In clubs, at parties, at a baseball game with my family Rihanna, that, you, can not be a coincidence. And although Chris on the whole world chanting as he's happy with his girlfriend Kerrouche Tran, their joint meetings with the native of Barbados prove otherwise. The close environment of the star is the fear of negative reaction of fans on its communication with the former, as in 2009 it had already suffered from his hands, and this had a serious impact on her work. What will happen this time, time will tell. But I would like to remind Rihanna that twice in the same river does not include costs.By the way, another argument against the fact that Rihanna has reunited with brown, his new "tooth tuning", which he "bragged" at the time of the photo shoot. To admit, with such a "Nibbler" is not something that reluctance to kiss him look scary. Source: Rihanna and Chris brown caught together.

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