Alec Baldwin attacked with fists on the paparazzi

Alec Baldwin attacked with fists on the paparazziYesterday, actor Alec Baldwin joined the ranks of the stars whose nerves passed from the constant attention of the paparazzi. He lashed out with his fists on reporter who tried to photograph him with his bride Hilaria Thomas about the Agency's issuance of permits for the marriage.Of course, the upcoming wedding is serious business, and you can see why Baldwin is bad in control. But most interesting is that the journalist and the actor tell a completely different version of this story: each of them claims to be the victim.Recall that this is not the first skirmish Alec Baldwin c the paparazzi. In 1995, he lashed out at a photographer in California, in 2010 in Manhattan.Representatives of Baldwin's claim that the photographer unceremoniously bumped into the actor and nearly knocked his camera in the face. Everything that happened in the next few minutes, in pure self-defense:Some man overshadowed the review of the photographer who compulsively tried to take a picture. The reporter obviously got mad, pushed passerby and assaulted Alec with a camera. Alec not he inflicted blows, physical contact was because he tried to defend himself".Meanwhile photojournalist edition of the New York Daily News, Marcus Santos swears that the actor of the series "Studio 30" first showed aggression:I stood quietly with two other photographers. Alec walked towards us with a furious form, he looked deranged and repeated: "Depart from me, get away". We moved away, but he kept stepping on us like an angry bull. He started to hit and push me, once hit right in the jaw, and then turned and went the other way".The injured reporter asked for medical assistance and filed a complaint with the police. Baldwin still sticking to its version and write angry tweets that blames the tabloids for misrepresentation. Source: Alec Baldwin attacked with fists on the paparazzi.

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