Died the oldest billionaire in the world

Died the oldest billionaire in the worldIn Switzerland, at 102-th year of life died the richest poor in the world - billionaire Walter Hefner. His fortune exceeded four billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine he was at 248-m a place among the wealthy of the planet.Hefner died on 19 June, however, it has become known only now. His colleagues said that, despite his advanced age, the billionaire is not the end not to withdraw from public Affairs and regularly appeared in the company's office.It is known that long-lived owned a majority share of high-tech company CA, formerly known as Computer Associates. In addition, his family owned automotive dealer network Automobil-und Motoren AG is the largest provider in Switzerland, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi.The state of the Hefner was estimated at 4.3 billion dollars. In the list of the richest people on the planet Forbes businessman took a "modest" 248 place, while in Switzerland he was behind only two billionaires.After the death of Hefner's oldest billionaire in the world was 96-year-old grandson of the founder of Standard Oil of John D. Rockefeller David Rockefeller. His fortune Forbes estimates at $ 2.5 billion, RIA Novosti reported.We will add that today the richest person in the world is considered a Mexican media Mogul Carlos slim. According to Forbes, his fortune - 69 billion. At the end of may the richest woman in the world was the Australian Georgina Rinehart. Having the status of 28.5 billion dollars, she took the lead from former main planet rich girl Christy Walton, the widow of the founder of the retail Empire Wal-Mart. Source: Died the oldest billionaire in the world.

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