The social network MySpace will build anew

The social network MySpace will build anewThe owners of the social network MySpace announced the development of a new version of the resource, which will be built from scratch. Brief description of the new MySpace and video published on the page developers claim that the new version of the portal will remain true to its roots and will continue to be designed for creative people. They expect that the new MySpace will be joined by musicians, photographers, video producers, designers and other creative people. Anyone can enter on the page of your e-mail address to "very soon" to receive an invitation to the social network.on 24 September, the co-owner of MySpace musician and actor Justin Timberlake has published in his microblog a link to a video presentation of the new version of the social network. It demonstrates the main features of the portal.So, in the bottom of the page will always be the control panel, on which, in particular, be located chat button, search, and audio player. Status updates will be located in a horizontal plane (such as Facebook, Vkontakte or Twitter practice the vertical placement of the news). Users will be able to post a text status update, photo, video or song.When exactly will be running the updated social network, unknown.MySpace was created in 2003 and was mainly used by musicians. Prior to 2008, the service was one of the most popular resources on the Network, but then it "went around" the social network Facebook in the future, the number of MySpace users has declined steadily. In 2011, MySpace was bought by Specific Media and Justin Timberlake.In autumn 2011, the owners of the resource have stated that they intend to move away from "social" model and focus on the music. When this was announced the possibility of communication between the fans with the musicians. Source: the Social network MySpace will build anew.

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