The media continue to publish `naked` photos of Kate Middleton

The media continue to publish `naked` photos of Kate Middleton French judges, versed in the details of the process "Kate Middleton against the magazine Closer", decided under threat of a fine of 10 thousand euros to ban the tabloid continue to publish intimate photos of the Duchess of Cambridge.Meanwhile, naughty pictures were in Scandinavian media, reports the Daily Mail.Kate Middleton has won the trial of belonging to Berlusconi by a French magazine which published Topless photographs. Contrary to the opinion of the photographer edition Valerie Suo, who claimed that the Royal couple was vacationing in a public place, and therefore its shooting from behind the bushes was lawful, the judge ruled that the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband "had a rest on the terrace of a private house located a few hundred meters from the road". Therefore, the publication of intimate photographs of the Royal couple can be considered an invasion of privacy.For this the owner of the newspaper was sentenced to a fine in the amount of 2 000 euros. He was forbidden not only to reprint the controversial photo, but also to sell them to other publications. Also in the office of the magazine Closer were searched: apparently, the police was trying to find out does the editor of a tabloid some sensation in my safe.However, it seems that all of the force exerted Kate Middleton to protect your photos from the spread, were spent in vain: the baton with the publication of the images picked up Scandinavian edition. September 19 images of the Duchess sunbathing Topless, appeared in the Swedish tabloid edition Se och Hoer ("look").According to the editor of the tabloid Karina Lofkvist, she could not refrain from posting pictures because they turned out to be much better quality photos that have hit the pages of the magazine.Also the intention to publish the pictures said the representatives of the Danish branch of the magazine Se och Hoer - Se og Hoer. His editors refused to report foreign colleagues, from whom and for what sum they acquired naughty photos Middleton, stating, however, that the decision to publish was taken by them long before the decision of a French court.Representatives of the Royal family stated that they would try by all means to persuade the Danes to print scandalous pictures.Source: the media continue to publish naked photos of Kate Middleton.

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