Gwen Stefani told about the relationship with her husband

Gwen Stefani told about the relationship with her husband Famous singer and designer Gwen Stefani said in an interview with Marie Claire magazine.In addition to a stylish photo shoot, in which 42-year-old star shows impeccable style and sexy slender figure, in the October issue of the glossy magazine will appear candid interview - in it Gwen tells readers about a failure to get pregnant and admits that the dream of becoming a mother for the third time and will not be carried out."I very much wanted to have another child, and two years ago we began to actively work on this," says the singer, " But nothing came of it... I'm extremely grateful that I have two beautiful sons. So, this for me should be enough. In this life everything happens as it should happen. You can not build any plans. You can try, but not to plan... ".In addition, the star spoke about the relationship with her husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale - this year a couple celebrates 10-year anniversary from the day of the wedding:"It's a miracle... my biggest accomplishment is my marriage," says Gwen, is to Keep the family together is hard, we all know it is very difficult... But I always dreamed of strong family. Since childhood I knew I wanted to build an ideal family. I like everything in marriage - I like the formality of relationships, family dinner, the obligations, the fact that we have one name that we make together decisions". Source: Gwen Stefani told about the relationship with her husband.

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