Angelina Jolie pregnant

Angelina Jolie pregnantA source close to the star couple, says the actress in the third month of pregnancy.While no one knows how rumors are true, but in Hollywood pretty sure Angie is pregnant again. Anyway, so I assure all wheel drive American tabloids citing a source close to the family Jolie-Pitta. According to the information received, now the actress is three months pregnant and she is having a very strong toxicosis. In addition, Jolie is rapidly gaining weight. Although the husband of the actress, Brad pitt a few weeks ago claimed that the cause of weight gain his favorite - a special anti diet, which he developed for his wife, so she gained a bit of weight before their wedding.By the way, Brad became the unwitting cause, to strengthen the wave of rumors about a possible pregnancy Jolie. The fact that just a few days ago, the actor let slip in one of the popular American talk show that, despite the fact that he proposed to angelina, they hold a celebration in no hurry. Moreover, future newlyweds haven't set a wedding date.Well, still waiting for the confirmation or refutation of this information. In the end the rumors about the pregnancy of Angelina arose more than once, however, remained nothing more than rumors. If the information proves true, then future baby will be the seventh child in the family Jolie-Pitta, and fourth biological for Angie and Brad. Source: Angelina Jolie pregnant.

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