Britney Spears disgraced on the show `X-factor`

Britney Spears disgraced on the show `X-factor` According to sources close to the pop star, she was still not psychologically ready to participate in the show like "X factor". Attention of the press, paparazzi and millions of viewers played with the star of cruel joke - she was so nervous that she was biting their fingers in the blood.Some photographs taken during the official announcement of the new composition of judges of the "X-factor" visible bloodied fingers Britney. Note that the star, from early childhood suffers from the habit of nail biting - each stressful situation affects her manicure. Once told the singer, does not help even artificial nails, which she can easily bite off at every opportunity.In addition, American beauty critics noted that the official press conference, the singer looked sloppy, without a manicure and pedicure, with wrinkles and traces of acne on his chin. Moreover, short sexy dresses, played with Britney cruel joke, stressing the terrible cellulite on legs. Source: Britney Spears disgraced on the show "X-factor".

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