Today Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 65 years

Today Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 65 yearsJuly 30, 2012 65 years old American actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger born July 30, 1947 in Austria, in the village of Tala, near Graz. In 1965 he served in the Austrian army. In 1966, he moved to Munich.Since 1968 he has lived in the United States. American citizenship was granted in 1983, retaining the citizenship of Austria. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, an expert in the field of business and international Economics.In 14 years he began practicing bodybuilding. Five times won the prestigious title of "Mr. universe" (1967-1971) and seven times Mr. Olympia (1970-1975 and 1980). After 1980, ending a sports career, was engaged in the popularization of bodybuilding - organized exhibitions and competitions, published books on bodybuilding. In 1988 he established his own competition bodybuilders Arnold classic".First appeared in film in 1969 ("Hercules in new York"), but became widely known in the early 1980s, after the release of the film "Conan the barbarian". According to critics, the reason for its success - charismatic appearance, combining physical strength, male beauty and confidence. His role as a lone hero.Most of the roles he played in the sci-Fi Thriller, although in several films played to comedic roles ("the Twins", "Kindergarten COP", "a Christmas Gift"). The most successful in his film career are the films "Terminator 2. Judgment day," "total Recall," "the Running man". These tapes have made him a Hollywood star and one of the highest paid actors of the American entertainment industry.If Schwarzenegger is a star on the Hollywood walk of fame in his native town of tal - Museum dedicated to the actor. Schwarzenegger received a number of prestigious awards, however, also has eight nominations in anteprima "Golden raspberry". About leaving the cinema said in 2003, after the release of the sequel "Terminator 3. Rise of the machines". And in the same year defeated in early elections, became the Governor of California. Although Schwarzenegger's political career began early. As a member of the Republican party, in 1990, was Chairman of the Council for physical training and sports in the administration of President George H. W. Bush.As Governor he worked for two terms - he was reelected for the period from 2006 to 2011. According to the Constitution of the state, had no right to run for a third term. One of his major accomplishments as Governor Schwarzenegger believes the decree of 27 September 2006, setting a limit on the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, energy, oil refining and industrial enterprises in the state. After stepping down as the Governor continues to cooperate with international organizations on issues of environmental protection and global warming on the planet.In 2011, Schwarzenegger returned to film and starred in a number of paintings ("the Expendables 2", "Cry macho"). In April 2012, he presented a book of memoirs, "Memories: the incredible truth about the history of my life, the memoir will arrive in October. Currently the actor starred in the film "the Last battle", the premiere of which is scheduled for 2013.Schwarzenegger is the owner of sports halls and centres his financial Empire includes real estate, land. He is actively engaged in charity. Provides substantial assistance to the Scientific centre for the study of Parkinson's disease.Since 1986 he was married to Maria Shriver (niece of U.S. President John F. Kennedy). The couple have four children. However, in 2011 after the actor admitted that he has an illegitimate son, Schwarzenegger and Shriver announced his decision to leave, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: Today Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 65 years.

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