Chet Bakhamov appeared in glossy magazines

Chet Bakhamov appeared in glossy magazines Chet Bakhamov is perhaps the most popular celebrity couple for glossy magazines, because the appearance on the cover of one of them is a guarantee that the magazine will sell out overnight. Today we offer you to evaluate two photo sessions of famous spouses - David for British Elle and Victoria for German Interview.The emergence of David Beckham on the cover of Elle was a real surprise for fans of the magazine. And not just because looking at him is a pleasure, but also because it still is not one man was not the room in this women's edition. Admittedly, a clever marketing ploy!Curiously, for all its apparent immodesty, David Beckham is a very simple and humble guy. Anyway, he said in an interview:"I never thought about the money and fame - they were never interesting to me, however, as uninteresting now. All this never caused me delight. How would I describe?! I don't know, let other people are doing. I'm modest and don't like to talk about myself, " said the football player.".

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