Zhanna Friske introduced his chosen with parents

Zhanna Friske introduced his chosen with parentsPopular singer and TV presenter Zhanna Friske introduced the elect Dmitry Shepelev with parents. Those in awe of her beloved daughter.Despite the fact that secular chroniclers stated about the separation of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev, the lovers are still together and it inevitably goes to the wedding. So, it is reported that popular singer introduced his beloved parents. And they came to the delight of his daughter's choice. "Daughter, I approve entirely. Dmitry is a great guy!" - quoting father Friske Vladimir Borisovich "7 days". However, information about the interesting position of Janna, which persistently exaggerated by the media, he left without comment.Meanwhile, the father Friske said that now his beloved daughter with Shepelev holiday in Italy and I try not to flash in public. "It is a pity that we will have little Jeanne talks about herself, she's resting now in Italy, who knows, maybe she already did. In any case, we bless her to this marriage," said Vladimir Borisovich.We will remind, not so long ago Zhanna Friske left the popular show "Holiday in Mexico". She was leading this reality show. Her replacement came to Alena Vodonaeva. They say that an artist can't work because of fear that participants would notice her interesting position. So Friske decided to take the extreme step - to sacrifice career for the sake of secrecy. After all, the singer said repeatedly that they are willing to push the work for the child."I really want to have a baby. Perhaps then my career will be delivered the cross, so as to combine the stage, raising a child is not for me," said the actress. Only recently Friske and Shepelev ceased to hide their romantic relationships and steel appear together at various events.In addition, unexpectedly novel Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev confirmed his co-host of a music program "Patrimony" Yuri Nikolaev. In one interview he said: "I sat there and watched them. Me, the person experienced, don't be fooled - they did not like a couple that wants to create the appearance of a relationship, Janna Dima, on the contrary, tried to hide my feelings, but it didn't work. I immediately felt their genuine interest and attraction to each other". Source: Zhanna Friske introduced his chosen with parents.

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