Taylor Lautner is mired in action movies

Taylor Lautner is mired in action moviesTaylor Lautner (werewolf Jacob from the infamous "Twilight") will continue to star in action movies. Recall that the last and only to date experience of the actor in this genre is action Packed "Chase", released in August last year.Critics trashed the picture to the nines, and box office receipts did not show impressive results.But it does not stop the Lautner before further attempts. The actor is going to play a major role in the action Thriller "Tracers" (Tracers). The project presentation will take place on the day at the Cannes film market.The protagonist is a guy named Cam, yeah, a bike messenger, on which hangs a debt to a certain criminal group. Once hit by Cam on bike sexy stranger, and she drags him into the world of parkour... (the Plot, of course, ridiculous).Produce now will be the creators of all those "Twilight" Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen. Director appointed Spaniard Daniel Benmayor. Account Director - Thriller "Paintball" and historically-adventure movie "Brooke. The call".Soon Taylor Lautner will appear on the big screen in the final series of the twilight Saga, the release is scheduled for November 14, 2012. And in 2013 will be marked in the Comedy - sequel to "Classmates" with Adam Sandler. Source: Taylor Lautner is mired in action movies.

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