Opened unexpected circumstances of death Golub

Opened unexpected circumstances of death GolubOpened unexpected circumstances into the death of a popular actress Marina Golub. The party of the accident stated that the car sitting in it with the artist broke the rules, taking off before the traffic light switched to green.In the investigation, which seemed fairly straightforward, there are details that can radically change the situation. The party of the accident, which killed Marina Golub, said that the car with the actress started to move just before the traffic lights turned green light."Before the intersection, literally 30 metres, there is another traffic light at a crosswalk, the needle on the turn. When he gave green, her car went, and green at the intersection turned on when she was driving. He lit up when her car was in motion", - quote the driver of the Kia car, injured in an accident RIA Novosti. According to the participant of the accident, his car moved towards Hyundai, and if he went a little earlier, then Cadillac would've hit him at the intersection.Civil funeral on who died tragically in a car accident actress Marina Golub was held at the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, on 13 October, in Moscow. To say goodbye to actress came from the audience, friends and colleagues. A farewell ceremony was held at basic price theatre. The stage was set coffin around him - wreaths from the theatres. To say goodbye to actress came from the audience, friends, colleagues and students. At the state funeral was attended by almost all the native theater troupe perished in a tragic car crash artist headed by Oleg Tabakov.Recall that terrible accident, resulting in the death of a popular actress Marina Golub, occurred on the night of October 10 at the intersection of Prospekt Vernadskogo street and Lobachevsky, the participants were four cars. The police reported that blue caught a private taxi driver by Hyundai. According to preliminary data, the driver of the Cadillac Alexey Rusakov ran a red light and crashed into a Hyundai. He threw the car at the scene and fled. After a few days the police detained him. Investigators charged the suspect with two counts. Source: Opened with unexpected circumstances of death Golub.

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