Blaine was taken to the hospital after the 72-hour electric focus

Blaine was taken to the hospital after the 72-hour electric focusAmerican illusionist David blaine was taken to the hospital after he finished a 72-hour demonstration of focus "Electrified: One Million Volts Always On", during which it zapped a million volts.As reported by NBC News, the magician sent to a medical facility Monday night, October 8.Blaine needs to spend in hospital a while to recover after the show. The team working with the illusionist, noted that most of all he now needed rest from standing still on the platform with a height of six meters. The 72 hours he never left her, and this had a negative impact on the muscle tone in the legs illusionist.Magician blaine began a demonstration of a stunt "Electrified: One Million Volts Always On" Friday, October 5, in new York. He climbed onto the platform and stood so that he was under "sights" seven transformers Tesla, who beat him in shock for three days. All this time the only illusionist to drink, and there he was not allowed.During the execution of the focus 39-year-old blaine was dressed in armor, on his head was a helmet and visor that protects the eyes. When the show of shows ended, the illusionist helped down the platform. He looked weak, but smiled and welcomed the audience.Broadcast focus led YouTube. Viewers in new York and several other cities, including Paris and Beijing, could participate directly in the conduct of focus - they were asked to control the transistors, sending in blaine, all new electrical discharges (outside new York it was possible to do with a special interactive control points). Source: blaine was taken to the hospital after the 72-hour electric focus.

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