Box office `the Dark knight 2` reached $900 million

Box office `the Dark knight 2` reached $900 millionWorld box office film "the Dark knight 2: the legend" has reached $ 900 million.Outside of North America most of all, the movie earned in the UK is 72.5 million dollars. Very successful rental and in South Korea, and Australia - more than 41 million dollars in each country.In Russia "Dark knight 2" was welcomed by the audience without much enthusiasm. At the time of this writing it was only $ 16.2 million.For comparison, an adult-oriented Comedy "the Third wheel" by this point has already earned about $ 15 million, although started in the car much later.Russian charges other summer blockbusters have significantly exceeded earnings "Dark knight 2". Source: box office receipts of "Dark knight 2" reached $900 million.

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