Widow of Patrick Swayze started a new novel

Widow of Patrick Swayze started a new novelWidow of Patrick Swayze Lisa Niemi three years after the death of her husband found a new love.During this 56-year-old Lisa thanked friends: some of them brought for her birthday famous jeweler albert Deprisco. Lisa and albert loved each other and are now Dating. As told the press representative Niemi, the couple, everything is just beginning, and the events they do not hurry.Recall that Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi were married 34 years until that sorrowful day, when Patrick died in September 2009 after losing a battle with cancer. A year after his death, Lisa said:"I became stronger. The fact that I have good days, gives me hope that such days can be more".And here's her aspirations come true! How great it is! Source: Widow of Patrick Swayze started a new novel.

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