Publish unknown poems by John Fowles

Publish unknown poems by John FowlesPublisher Le flambard Press specializing in poetry, in July 2012, will release a compilation of unknown poetry of the writer John Fowles. Preparing a book for publication for five years in a British poet and novelist Adam Thorpe (Adam Thorpe), writes The Guardian.Thorpe received a manuscript of poems by the author of "the Magi" and "the Collector" in 2007, his widow Sarah Fowles, which dismantled the papers of her husband. All these years, Thorpe was restored written, transcribed the recordings. Poems on topics that Fowles had raised in his novels (love, suffering, desire, nature), will be released in a collection called "Selected poems".In the writer's life was published only one book from the poetic works of Fowles in 1973 in the USA. As notes the edition, all Fowles poems were written before he began working on novels.The collection will bring together about 90 Fowles poems, written in different years - from 1950's years until the year of his death. The writer, who is best known book "the French Lieutenant's Woman", died in 2005. Source: unknown Publish the poetry of John Fowles.

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