Found in USA Picasso painting valued at $35 million

Found in USA Picasso painting valued at $35 millionDiscovered in mid-August, a picture of Pablo Picasso's "Seated woman in a red hat" estimated at 30-40 million dollars. This hopes to gain money for the work of art auction house Guernsey's, reported on the NPR website.The painting was found in the storerooms of the Museum of fine arts, history and science Evansville in Indiana where she had lain for fifty years by the error in attribution. The author of the picture recorded artist named Gemmaux, although in reality this word indicated a special stained glass technique.In the technique gemmaux, which was developed by French artist Jean Crotti in the 1930-ies, Picasso made about fifty works, but because the found instance is valued particularly highly. The picture drew Winnie expert of the auction house, which conducted the study on gemmaux.American Museum received a gift of a painting from industrial designer Raymond Loewy's, is forced to sell a Spaniard, so as to not provide safe conditions for storage of paintings. To improve the security system, the Museum requires significant funds.It is known that before the sale of the Picasso painting will be exhibited in the Museum, the entire collection which is estimated at $ 10 million. Source: Found in the US Picasso painting valued at $35 million.

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