Doctors: Committed suicide Tony Scott was not suffering from cancer

Doctors: Committed suicide Tony Scott was not suffering from cancerThe results of Monday's autopsy report does not allow to unambiguously conclude that the well-known British film Director and producer Tony Scott, who committed suicide in Los Angeles last week, was sick with cancer, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the investigating authorities of the state of California.The autopsy revealed no signs of cancer, said Craig Harvey of the coroner's office responsible for investigating cases of violent death. According to the investigator, a more precise answer can give the results of toxicology tests on the body of the Director, to be held at a later date.Earlier, the relatives of the deceased rejected the data of the press, according to which Scott had an inoperable brain tumor. "The family told us that this information is not true," said Harvey. According to him, the results of toxicology tests on the body of the filmmaker will be announced in a few weeks.68-year-old Director Tony Scott, younger brother of film Director and producer Ridley Scott, jumped from the bridge name Vincent Thomas near Los Angeles on Sunday. His car was found a suicide note. Its author, according to law enforcement authorities did not disclose the motives that prompted him to commit suicide. The note contained instructions to family and friends of Scott.Tony Scott was born in the small town of Stockton-on-tees in North East England. His mother was actress Elizabeth Scott. Future Director began film career as an actor: at the age of sixteen, he starred in the debut short film of his twenty-three year old brother Ridley.He graduated from the Royal College of art in London, where previously he studied his brother, and wanted to become an artist, but soon joined his brother who was involved in the production of advertising. For two decades he took about a thousand commercials for British television. After the success at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s was accompanied by U.S. films by English Directors Alan Parker, Adrian Lyne, Hugh Hudson and Ridley Scott, Tony Scott was also invited to work in Hollywood.At first he wanted to film the novel Anne rice "Interview with the vampire", but he failed to negotiate with the company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer about the launch of the project. At MGM there was a script about vampires, and embodied in the movie by Tony Scott.Aesthetically the film "Hunger" (The Hunger with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, was released in 1982. He had no success, so Scott returned to advertising and music videos.In 1985, producers don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer invited Scott for the production of high-budget film "top gun". Simpson and Bruckheimer were among the few fans of "Hunger", as they liked the commercial that Scott made for Swedish automaker Saab in the early 1980s.After the success of "Best shooter", where the role of a young pilot starred Tom cruise, Scott began to specialize in action films. Along with Simpson and Bruckheimer, he shot a COP Beverly hills-2" (Beverly Hills Cop II), the sequel to the popular action Comedy with Eddie Murphy in the title role. His next film, "Revenge" (Revenge), where Scott replaced the fired producers of John Huston, failed at the box office.In 1990, Scott has continued to work with Simpson, Bruckheimer and cruise in the movie about race car drivers "Days of thunder" (Days of Thunder). Next year out Thriller with Bruce Willis "the Last boy scout The Last Boy Scout). In 1992 Director met with Quentin Tarantino, who gave him to read two of his script: "reservoir dogs" and "True love" (True Romance). Scott said he would make films under both scenarios, but Tarantino replied that "reservoir dogs" would like to shoot himself. "True love" with the participation of Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman and other actors were forced to accept Scott as a serious Director.The next film of Scott's "Crimson tide", a political Thriller about the confrontation between Russia and the U.S., where he again began to collaborate with Simpson and Bruckheimer, became a hit in 1995. Thriller "the Fan" - The Fan (1996), despite the participation of Robert De Niro and Wesley snipes, was another failure of the Director: he did not like neither the audience nor the critics. In 1998, when he released Thriller "Enemy of the state" (Enemy of the State), Scott again was a success.New decade Scott began with the film "Spy game" (Spy Game), which is dedicated to the memory of his mother, who died in 2001. Then I made films "Wrath" (Man on Fire), Domino (Domino), Deja vu (Deja Vu), commercials for Marlboro and the U.S. army.Together with his brother Ridley became the founder of the production company Scott Free Productions. Among their works: the series "Numbers" (Numb3rs), in which Tony Scott took also the first series of the fourth season, and the series "the Andromeda Strain The Andromeda Strain) is a new adaptation of the novel by Michael Crichton.Scott was married three times, from his third marriage to actress Donna Wilson Scott has two children: Frank and max. His nephews (children of Ridley Scott) - directed by Jake Scott and Jordan Scott. Source: the Doctors: who Committed suicide Tony Scott was not suffering from cancer.

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